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The New SCN: What you need to know about the New SCN

We’re entering the home stretch of our project to migrate the SAP Community Network to a new platform (Jive 5.0 SBS). Through our “Tip in a Minute” videos, instructional blogs, and other resources (all available in our SCN Migration wiki), we’ve attempted to prepare you, as members of the community, for the changes you’ll experience to SCN. In this new video, I’ve explained some of the more important changes and differences between the current (or “old”) SCN and the New SCN.

Change can be stressful, but the Jive platform, and the way we’ve customized it with our SCN users in mind, should create a far more user-friendly experience and more flexible way to navigate our community. You’ll see in this video that creating blogs, documents, and finding content that’s important to you will be easier, and will enable you to be a more activie participant in our community.

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    • Hi Fenton...thanks for your comment. We're changing to Jive because of the community tools and functionality that it provides - it has nothing to do with NW or EP. Here's an example of what users will get with the new platform:
      "With “What Matters” in Jive 5, the information finds you. This isn’t a single feature, but rather a space which personalizes and customizes each member’s experience, allowing each of us to follow and find experts, and to see the freshest and highest-quality content with every visit.  Essentially, it’s undeviating access for members to see only what matters most to them: people, updates, and information." - from:
    • I think we need to consider our migration in terms of benefit to our community...and the fact that we're moving from a traditional Web site to an online community. And the Jive platform has specific elements that address this how to do this. Take a look at our instructional videos, blogs and other resources that explain the reasons behind this, and the benefits users will realize (these are all in our SCN Migration wiki: )
    • SCN on Jive is going to look rather as a social network then a classical web-portal. SAP EP does not provide strong 'social features' like user relationships, group discussions, collaborations, etc.
      • Thanks for your comment, Siarheri. Some of the new features will certainly include the social features and collaboration tools. But that's in the spirit of what we're doing with SCN - we're really hoping to provide a true online community, and Jive offers the tools to do that.
  • When the SCN started SAP made a big thing about using the Enterprise Portal saying "we eat our own dog food". No more, by the looks of things. If SAP itself decides that other products are better than the Enterprise Portal, what sort of message does that send to SAP customers?
  • ....which I only learned this morning. SAP is about to acquire the Jive software company, so the new platform will still be an SAP platform. This is rather like SAP admitting SEM wasn't much good, and buying Outlooksoft and some other companies to fill the gap, or admitting BW was not quite as hot as SAP had always said and buying Businss Objects to fill the gap. Now the Enterprise Portal gets the same treatment.
    • Smile.  Best of breed seems to be the key here.  I could leave an answer like everyone else with a link.  BUT....

      Since it confused the heck out of me.  Here's my guess!  Just a guess based on what I read.  By the way there are great blogs see the links below.

      Now remember I try to stay with KISS whenever I can, and this is not an official statement by any stretch of the imagination. I do not work for SAP.

      Here's a quote:
      "the most robust, full-featured, scalable, extensible, integrated community and social networking platform on the planet... "  and "not everything is moving"

      And so Michelle's rather simple answer after trying to keep up with all the blogs:

      Jive is the best of breed.  Combine that with how ever 1000s of SAP programmers that made this work with SAP's capabilities and we are going to have an amazing platform to work with.

      SEM, BW, BO, Enterprise Portal.  What good is great technology unless it is constantly changing to meet demand?  Besides what fun would it be to support it?  My simplified answer to the real question is all the products listed are still supported.  If you want to keep using them, then do.  If you want the best - or better technology now then change.  I remember a commercial where a person buys and has a 3D TV delivered to his house - just to find out there is a 4D TV available by a little girl skipping.  It's funny but true!

      I don’t know about you, but I want the BEST SCN can be. 

      My long KISS answer - I'm sure someone can answer better!


      • Dear Michelle,

        I quite agree which may not have come out as clearly as I liked. In every product I mentioned I did not think much of the SAP product, especially SEM, and was very happy when SAP bit the bullet and bought something better so as to move things forward. "Best of Breed" used to be a dirty word at SAP as far as I could tell, now they are much more open. I am all for moving forward at a breakneck speed, that is what makes It fun.

        Cheersy Cheers