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Switching Gears – Have you heard about the Hana Online InnoJam?

Have you heard about THE HANA Challenge ( contest, fun event, learning event, Demo your skill) Online InnoJam Contest?   The first 100 ideas are IN!  No judging, no who has the most thumbs up, none of that.  Your idea in!  You will be in the contest. HANA – the latest and greatest.   Perhaps you could even call it bleeding edge.  I am guessing that is what has motivated this contest.  It will help us all use it.  Plus if the ideas are good, it will be able to showcase HANA.  But that is just purely guesswork on my part!   So how long do you have to submit an idea?  January 16th!!!!!  That is plenty of time, but the sooner you put something down, the more you know you’ll be a part of the fun.  Anne Hardy writes about the event here  (SAP HANA InnoJam online contest, new start…).  I don’t pretend to know all about it.  I have no inside information.  “{code:html}A complementary trip for 2 from SFO to Hana, Maui; 3 months free access to HANA sandbox systems{code}”   Even more cool:“Exposure to customers and SAP leadership ” SO.   Woo Hoo.  People may know my name.  I may be famous.  OK – not that famous.  But at least I’ll get some of the leadership to sort of know my name.  And then Oh boy!  Maui.  I’d love to go there.   Now realistically there is only one winner.  Bummer.  But is there only one winner?  Isn’t getting your hands on HANA making you a winner?  How about the just plain fun you will have designing something for yourself?   That’s right – my dream world.  We design anything we want.  We use the latest in technology.  Fun! FUn!  FUN!Seriously, my company is NOT bleeding edge.  We are a pharma company and can’t afford any issues with our software.  Without this contest, I wouldn’t get to play with HANA for years.  So I’m in. And now, I’ll share a secret – This morning I looked.  There are only 34 ideas out there.  Now I’m all about those odds.  I have a 1 / 34 chance.  Good for me.  But do I want to do things the easy way?  Ah Yes?  Of course not.  I know there are some great ideas out there.  .  When I think to myself, which I do a lot.  Why?  If I talked out loud, the people in the white coats would be coming after me!  Anyway, I was thinking why would SAP offer this opportunity to all of us.  See my second paragraph.  If the showing is small, well then, why would SAP doing something like this again?  They wouldn’t.
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  • Michelle:

    I think you would be crazy if you don't join the competition -;) As you said...this a great opportunity to play with SAP HANA without having to wait for you company to implement it -;)

    Also, the "team" is going to be there to provide any needed help...


    • I love it.  Free "help" by the experts.  They can help you get started instead of leaving you lost in the weeds.

      So much fun - we need more ideas!


    • Hey Michelle, Blag

      You are both right 🙂 It's a great innitiative from SAP and a great opportunity to get your hands on HANA and learn it already.

      I only logged onto to the sandbox for now though because I'm always so busy so it will be a challenge to free up enough time to really lean into it but I want to give it a shot 🙂

      Kind regards