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[SAP] SAP Performance Tuning – Part I – The theoretical approach

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  • Hello Stefan,
    thanks for the blog, it provides a good overview!

    I don’t do performance tuning regularly, so maybe I am only missing some information. For example when I see in STAD that RFC processing was done, I am stuck. Which ABAP code was executed? RFC. Wow, that is the hell of an answer! Maybe with a higher tracelevel I could get that information, but what to do for a post-mortem analysis?

    Also, personally I don’t really like the SAP “out-of-the-box” metrics. There is some basic automatic recording of metrics and luckily often they point into the right direction. But what if the standard metrics won’t suffice? Then I need either external tools or additional information like higher tracelevels and I am completely on my own for doing an analysis. (Seems like trace data is meant for SAP support and SAP support only.)

    If I compare the situation with Oracle database performance metrics, the situation is much better. There are many books which explain the Oracle wait events and how to analyze performance.
    Interestingly the situation now changes and the AWR data for Oracle is getting deactivated because customers buy Oracle licenses directly at Oracle. To save some money, the best part of Oracle isn’t licensed any more! But now I am getting off-topic.



    • Hello Mark,
      thanks for your reply.

      > Which ABAP code was executed? RFC Wow, that is the hell of an answer!
      There is a section called “Remote Function Calls” in STAD, which provides that kind of information. In my experience most people also don’t know that calling ABAP functions can force an internal RFC call.

      > But what if the standard metrics won’t suffice?
      There are also several (dynamic) SAP init parameters which can be set to track these (rare) cases. So it’s not some kind of tracing – the measurement will just include more information (for example in STAD).

      As i already mentioned – my next blog in this series will be about how to identify a  performance issue for a specific transaction. I planned to focus on drilling down to a DB related issues (which are the most in my experience), but maybe i am also able to build up a test case for a RFC issue.

      Best Regards

  • As always the struggle with performance is an ongoing battle.  I’m an ABAP programmer, and can’t even begin to count the times I’ve looked at performance issues.   This is usually after our system (“Basis”) folks have pointed me in the correct direction. 

  • Dear followers,
    i am sorry for the delay of the second part in this blog series. I waited for the new SDN platform and wanted to use the new blog UI, because of the amount of images and pointers in the next blog.

    Now i have to struggle with the old blog UI and i hope i will get it until the end of the week.

    Stay tuned.

    Best Regards

  • Hello Mr. Stefen,

    First of all thanks to you for this easy to understand blog.May be its too late to ask but actually I was very keen to go through your second part. It will be great if you could post the link here. May be everyone can get the benefit.