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SAP BPM with Microsoft Kinect

In the Enterprise Business Solutions course that I teach, students are required to implement a business process using SAP Netweaver BPM by invoking enterprise services in the ERP. In addition they are required to demonstrate the use of emerging technologies that can be integrated with SAP BPM. This video shows one of the students’ project, which showcases the use of Xbox Kinect’s motion capture & speech recognition to invoke a business process

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  • Could you give a little more detail.  I know the idea is to get some interest in the course.  But what was Kinect used for?   How did it work with BPM.  What kind of technology made that happen?

    I would think it would be fun to connect our everyday life with something as fun as Kinect.  But it seems hard for me to image how that came together.  It is hard for me to think about using it in a corporate setting.  So the project details would help.  The technical details - which you may not want to share - would be even better!

    Thank you!


    • Well I was wrong -  I watched the video.  I wrote the reply without watching the video.  The video does in fact show parts of the project.

      It is in the basic stages but really cool application!


  • I saw the team present this last week and they are now looking to take it to the next stage and apply it in a real-world situation - well done folks, really interesting so far.

    Given Kinect is a commodity low-cost technology and could allow new scenarios to be realized using both gesture and voice at reasonable cost (like HANA with chip prices etc), what areas could the students try to build something next where this might have a large-scale impact?  

    Given it's connecting to SAP PI/BPM it doesn't necessarily have to be SAP ERP at the back end.   

    It also doesn't have to be our 'usual' business end-user in mind.   What about Healthcare sterile environments, or something in countries of low literacy where pictures might work better than words and QWERTY keyboards?