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Ramp-up of SAP NetWeaver ILM 7.03 Started

The new release of SAP NetWeaver Information Lifecycle Management (SAP NetWeaver ILM) comes as part of SAP NetWeaver 7.0 EhP3 and will be delivered to ramp-up customers together with SAP ERP 6.0 EhP6. SAP NetWeaver ILM 7.03 includes several great innovations, such as the new ABAP-based Storage and Retention Service (SRS), a standalone ILM Legal Hold Management, a rule simulator for retention rules, a streamlined system decommissioning process, and many more. With the new features you can reduce the complexity of your IT landscape and increase the productivity of your administration staff.

Below is a brief overview of the major enhancements. Information on other enhancements will be provided in the official Release Note when available on the SAP Help Portal.

Reduced IT Complexity and Cost

  • The new Storage and Retention Service (SRS) is available in the application system (AS ABAP). You can use this ABAP-based service instead of the XML Data Archiving Service (XML DAS). This means you can use SAP NetWeaver ILM without a separate AS Java (on which XML DAS runs). Thus, you can simplify your IT landscape and reduce TCO.
  • This new ILM-specific function that can be used as an alternative to SAP Case Management enables you to create and manage legal cases, perform e-discovery, display the related attachments and include them in the hold. It is currently available only for use in live application systems. The complete availability of this function in the ILM Retention Warehouse system (system decommissioning scenario) is planned for future deliveries.

Increased Productivity

  • The menu structure of the ILM Cockpits was reworked to correspond to the current process steps of each ILM application scenario. The menu structures are filled according to the relevant roles. The ILM Cockpits are available in the Easy Access Menu of the application system as well as in NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC). The ILM Cockpits help administrators minimize their effort by guiding them through the ILM process.
  • The Rule Simulator enhances the transparency of retention rules processing. By simulating ILM rule evaluation for an ILM object, you can view the prerequisites as well as the result in a log, based on specific values. The log for rule simulation provides you with an overview of all relevant audit areas, including the existing policies as well as the related BOR objects for which legal holds have been defined.
  • The number of steps for transferring legacy data into the RW system was reduced. You can now execute some of these transfer steps automatically. During the transfer of the archive administration data from the SN_META file, you can automatically transfer all repository tables from the legacy system to the RW system repository. The transfer and storage of the archive files can be automated.

Joining the Ramp-up

If you’re interested in using these new ILM features you can join the ramp-up to get the software delivered. You just need to talk to your SAP account executive or SAP customer engagement manager. They will help you to manage your ramp-up nomination. A dedicated SAP ramp-up coach will be your primary contact during the ramp-up. He or she will guide you through the ramp-up process and help you address problems that may come up, in SAP development.

The ramp-up is expected to last until May 2012. Upon successful completion of the ramp-up, SAP NetWeaver ILM 7.03 will become generally available to all customers.

For more information, please refer to the ramp-up page in the SAP Service Marketplace.

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