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Contributing to the SAP Sourcing Design through the Customer Engagement Program

SAP Sourcing customers, key users may not be aware of the opportunity to interact with SAP and influence future SAP Sourcing waves.

The program gives customers direct input into the development process, letting them give feedback as the product evolves from concept to realization. Customers virtually participate in regular reviews of new functionality, and feedback is immediately taken into consideration by the development teams. Every new feature is a direct result of customer requested enhancements, customer collaborative design, and customer reviews.

We also noticed that some customers desired more lead time in order to be familiar with the upcoming features before the new upgrade planning is announced. Now you can gain early insight into SAP product vision / ideas / research projects. 

We invite you to check the associated URL link which will give you the right insight about the program, the two different roles you can choose from, and how to register.

Great feedback was already received from our customers who have the opportunity to meet and interact our Sourcing experts and Product Managers on a regular basis.

In the end, the program ensures that SAP Sourcing’s new features and capabilities meet customer and business process requirements. Moreover being part of this program ensures that our customers are best prepared for the rollout and optimal usage of the application.

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