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Data Mobility for Laptop Applications using SUP

<p>SUP provides Messaging client for Laptops running Windows using which you can execute Win 32 Application supporting Data Mobility, much like the mobile apps. For this we need to use the MoMessaging service available along with the SUP installation. MoMessaging is basically a Win32 MOCA messaging client which allows you to use SUP Objects on Windows platform. Listed below are the steps that you need to follow. I assume you have a laptop running Microsoft Windows7 working with SUPv2.0 or higher. The directory paths may differ a little for other versions.</p><ol><br /><li>Copy the folder Sybase\UnwiredPlatform\ClientAPI\MBS\Win32\MoMessaging from the SUP installation to C:\Users\_your_win_account\AppData\Roaming\Sybase\MoMessaging. This folder shall consist of MoMessaing.exe and the relevant dlls.</li><li>Register a MBS device for your laptop on Sybase Control Centre (SCC). Server Name shall be dns address or the IP of your SUP machine.</li><li>Create a file Messaging.cfg under C:\Users\_your_win_account\AppData\Roaming \Sybase\MoMessaging directory with the following content. The fields in the brackets < > correspond to the connection setting of the device you created in SCC.<br />s=<Server name>;p=<Port>;c=<Farm ID>;u=<Activation User Name>;a=<Activation Code></li><li>Run MOMessaging.exe. On successful execution, you must see the Messaging.cfg file deleted from the directory and the laptop registered in SCC. I generally launch MOMessaging.exe from the commandline. Comes handy if you want to stop or restart the service later.</li></ol><p>Further information about Messaging service can be read in the MOMessagingReadMe.txt. To stop the service, type MoMessaging -stop in the commandline. As far as developing the Application and the subscriptions methods, the rules stay the same as in Windows Mobile.</p>

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