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Data Governance: Part 2 – Elements of Establishing Data Governance

For Data Governance (DG) to be adopted in any organization, there has to be a clearly defined need driving an authoritative stakeholder(s) to formalize adoption. This leads me from my lessons learned in my last post to here… How do we get this thing moving forward?

My first instinct is to sell you something, since I am part of a product company 🙂 That is not the case with DG. In fact, the Data Governance Institute ( has a framework that is a clear starting point that you need to dissect. Since it is a framework, it goes too far for initial adopters, but a light version of it would be something like:

  • Determine who is part of the Data Governance Office (or council if it is an additional duty)
  • Create a Mission Statement to use for internal announcements (aka. advertising)
  • Define Focus Areas (Goals, Metrics, Funding*)
  • Establish Data Rules and Definitions
  • Start initial Process Changes that touch data (PMO, IT Projects)

There are a number of similar sources of DG Models and frameworks out there. Since being acquired by SAP, I have found that they have a complete Master Data Management practice that incorporates their application adoption into a proper lifecycle management philosophy.  This is an exciting area to dig into along with the Data Quality aspects of DG.

I am interested infinding out more about the integration of DG into the life cycle of an SAP application, but will come back to that on a different day.  For now, I am starting to read bloggers, like Deepak.

*Funding – there is always a debate about how to fund a DG effort in organizations.  This is based on ‘who’ wants this to happen.  In my first post, there was a clear call to only start DG if someone with authority, and a budget, wants it.

The last post on DG will cover some of the Roles and Responsibilities that I have seen in my efforts.

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  • Thanks Jeff, as rightly mentioned by you the question is who would be ownning this effort..?

    I also feels that it should be business & IT driven which makes it as a consolidated effort.

    again thanks for reading my blogs as also inlined into same way. 🙂