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What’s new in SAP BusinessObjects Analysis 1.2, edition for MS Office?

We’re happy to announce the ramp-up of SAP BusinessObjects Analysis 1.2, edition for Microsoft Office has begun end of October. Not even 6 months after the 1.1 version that had some major enhancements like BW-IP support, API and HANA support, the focus of the 1.2 release was to incorporate feedback from early adopters on usability and feature round-off.

 One key area is the prompting screen. While the former prompting screen had challenges for queries with a significant number of variables, 1.2 offers some personalization options (pinning and un-pinning variables) and usability improvements (single lines, intuitive icons etc.). You can now paste member values from the clipboard into the member selector. And eventually, the new prompting screen supports “variable unmerge” scenarios, i.e., you can now enter separate values for individual data sources even when they share the same variables.

 The planning capabilities have been enhanced by cell locking. You can now disaggregate new planning values while fixing certain cells. As an example you would like to keep the overall production amount fix and plan on individual product amounts – and the disaggregation should only adjust the other product amounts and keep the overall sum fix.

 Release 1.2 also supports building BI workbooks much more efficiently. By hiding central Analysis UI elements (ribbon, context menu), you can build an environment that only offers features that are reasonable for a specific user group.

 Last not least, some HANA enhancements have made it into this release. You can now connect Analysis Office via an OLAP connection created in CMC (pre-requisite: SAP BusinessObjects BI platform 4.0 feature pack 3). And finally, you can leverage language-dependent texts in HANA within Analysis Office.

 More detailed information will be provided by the “What’s New” guide.

 We hope you’ll enjoy the new release. And we hope you’ll like our idea of bringing smaller releases in a more timely fashion (we currently plan around 2 releases a year) to the market. This enables us to adopt your feedback faster. Apply for the ramp-up and get ready with Analysis 1.2, edition for Microsoft Office. We’re looking forward to hearing from you !

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  • Alexander thank you and your team!
    2 per 1 strategy - great idea.

    Good features in 1.2, usefull.
    My pilot group (users) likes Analysis for Office. (easy, fast, intuitive). Good chance to be realy Bex Premium.

    It would be very good if developers in 1.2 also focus on:
    1. Optimize time when Analysis start (now 10-20 sec from click to ready to work) - Nice to have
    2. Search and Filter by Dimention attributes (as example - find and filter materials by group of material) - Must have
    3. Exlude selections ( - Must have
    4. Login screen must be one (HANA, BOE, BW) - Nice to have.
    5. Variants - Must have
    6. More themes - Nice to have.

    Please continue hear us, and i am shore Analysis will be the best OLAP-client from SAP.

    Ramp-up is free ?