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Author's profile photo Tobias Hofmann

R.I.P. C_TEP30_04s

As I’m one of the topic leaders I Announcing SCN’s Topic Leaders for 2010-2011. SAP certification isn’t really cheap (normally in the range of 500US$ to 750US$), so this is a good incentive to study and go for a certification. The voucher is not bound to a specific certification or topic: I can choose from whatever certification SAP offers. Of course it only makes sense to go for a certification test that I can pass. In my case: SAP Portal related.

SAP offers three SAP Portal related certification:

Already certified as a technology consultant I wanted to extend my certifications to either development or solution consultant. Not being really a developer – I write POCs (aka the fun part of developing) – I opted for the solution consultant. The KM isn’t the greatest product, but it offers some nice features and the certification covers TREX too!

The problem:


C_TEP_30_04s is in grey, and grey means: under development. I contacted SAP Education Brazil to know when the certification will be available again and got this answer:

Não aplicamos mais esta prova.” (English: we don’t offer this certifcation anymore)


segue as provas substitutivas;

  • C_TEP10_701 – SAP Certified Technology Associate NetWeaver Portal
  • C_TEP10_702 – SAP Certified Technology Associate NetWeaver Portal NW 7.02

(English: The substitions certifications are the ones for technology consultant)

Currently this means:

=> You cannot take anymore the solution consultant certifcation
=> R.I.P. C_TEP30_04s. I never had the chance to kow you.

With one of my two options gone I will try the development consultant certification, but I don’t really believe I will be able to do so:


This certification is also marked as “under development”. I hope that this doesn’t mean that this certification is also going to die. Another alternative is to go for the higher levels of the technology consultant certification. But the SAP education site only showed me associate and no professional certifications for portal.

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      Author's profile photo Tom Cenens
      Tom Cenens
      Hello Tobias

      It seems to me SAP Portal has lost it's past glory and has now taken on another role. The role of being just a UI gateway to another SAP system and not much more. I don't see many customers putting SAP Portal in place in full glory nowadays. All they talk about is sharepoint or other products.

      Kind regards


      Author's profile photo Tobias Hofmann
      Tobias Hofmann
      Blog Post Author
      The SAP Portal never was never really considered a full collaboration portal for intranets. I'm wondering how putting the certification to sleep compares to the statements of SAP about the KM: no big investments, but it will stay there and will receive small evolutionary updates. The basic KM functions are important for WPC or for portal tunings, and there is TREX (Enterprise Search, oh: and HANA!!).

      The portal is a little bit more than just a UI gateway (but what can you expect from a "Basis guy" :-), take a look at PoD and WPC 2.0 mashups. Although I would like to have an SAP Portal that combines River, Neo, Gateway services.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Tobias
      Without saying too much, I think we can expect to see some changes with the certification process when the portal training moves to 7.3x...

      As people have noticed, the product itself has changed dramatically, and for example, you could ask if nowadays there's such as thing as a "portal developer".


      Author's profile photo Tobias Hofmann
      Tobias Hofmann
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Michael,
      Many customers and therefore developers will stuck with a 7.0 release for the next years, training and certifications for 7.3 will - short range - only target a small subset of the installation base.
      Of course there is such a thing as a portal developer (Oracle offers several certifications for this type of professional). What about people that have to be certified because of a customer requirement but cannot (7.0 is support until 2017)? Sure it hard (I hope impossible) to find customers that develop full J2EE applications for the portal, but for apps that fill a gap ...

      Maybe SAP should consider recommending the Oracle J2EE / Web developer certification and only make a small delta for testing knowledge about how to integrate application into the portal. Should raise how people are looking at a standard compliant AS Java.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Tobias
      I understand where you are coming from. My comment about portal developers is really saying that I believe there should be certification to be a web developer, who might also need to be aware how to integerate their app into the portal. The Web Dynpro ABAP training stream already includes details on portal specific methods for things like eventing.