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SAP Net Weaver Mobile 7.1 Offline Extract Batching Configuration

Offline Extract Batching Configuration

For occasionally connected devices, data extraction shall happen periodically. They are referred as offline devices. For instance, a device user shall use the application twice a day, once in the morning and another in the evening. For such cases, extraction need not happen all the day.

To help these scenarios, administrator shall be able to configure a periodic job to trigger the extract and to stop the extract. Importantly this platform helps to manage the extraction explicitly.

In common, this extract batching can be configured for cases where application extract large amount of data to multiple devices.

Accessing the configuration

This configuration shall be accessible from the ESDMA Application Setup application drop down menu.

Offline Batching Configuration screen helps the administrator to manage the offline batching configurations for multiple ESDMA’s. In this application, administrator shall be able to configure offline extract batching for ESDMA’s at two different levels viz Device Level and ESDMA Level.

Device Level – Administrator shall schedule the offline extract batching individually for applications. For instance, ESDMA shall be used in multiple applications and administrator shall be able to control the extraction individually for the applications and devices associated with it.

 Device Level

ESDMA Level – Administrator shall schedule the offline extract batching for an ESDMA. Such that extraction for the ESDMA shall be controlled for all the devices configured.

 ESDMA Level

Administrator can use the Schedule button to schedule the jobs for the configuration. Administrator shall configure both extract on and off jobs or individual jobs(either extract on or extract off) at any time. They shall be able to configure the jobs periodically(hourly/daily/weekly/yearly) .

 Schedule Job

 Only creation of jobs is allowed in this application. The management of jobs can be done in the SAP standard transaction SM37. The jobs with the status Released/Scheduled/Planned/Active only will be displayed in the job list.

Extract Off Immediately

Administrator can use “Extract Off Immediately” option to schedule only extract on jobs. Checking this option will delete all the existing extract off jobs and extract off scheduling will be invisible.

 Extract Off

Reset Offline Extract Batching

Administrator has single click offline reset option which shall delete all the offline extract jobs scheduled. This will switch on the extract immediately when data exists in the outbound queue.

 Reset Offline

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