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BusinessObjects Analysis, Edition for MS Office, version 1.2 has some new features highlighted below in screen shots and recordings.  It is now in ramp-up.


Analysis Office 1.2 can connect to HANA Analytic Views and Calculation Views.  As an example, see this recording of  BusinessObjects Analysis MS Edition for Office version 1.2 on HANA 1.0.  This version does not support hierarchies or prompts on top of HANA.  A use case for HANA/Analysis is when your workbook contains large volumes of data.


With BusinessObjects Analysis Office 1.2 you can connect via Local ODBC Driver with HANA 1.0, which eases the log in to HANA.  For an example see this recording.


BusinessObjects Analysis 1.2 New Prompts Features


Figure 1, Prompt Push Pins

Figure 1 shows the new hide/show prompts features with the push pins while the Actions shows new Hide All/Show All.  This can help manage a “busy” selection screen.



Figure 2 Add Lines/Member Selector for Prompts

Figure 2 shows a new way to add lines or using the Member selector for Prompts (variables) screen.  Also see this recording.


BusinessObjects Analysis 1.2 New Copy and Paste Member Feature


Figure 3 Paste Values from Clipboard


Figure 3 shows the new feature to paste from the Clipboard for single values.  This demonstration shows the new Copy and Paste features in the Member Selector.


BusinessObjects Analysis 1.2 Variable Unmerge Feature


Figure 4, Variable Unmerge


Figure 4 shows the feature on the Components tab of the Design panel where you can merge/unmerge variables.  If you have multiple queries on a worksheet and you select merge variables you will only be prompted once for common InfoObjects. 


Figure 5, Variable Unmerge Screen

Figure 5 shows all variables for both BEx queries even if the variables are the same.  In this recording for SAP BusinessObjects Analysis MS Edition for Office shows the variable unmerge feature. If your workbook contains data sources that share the same InfoObjects as prompts/variables variable unmerge allows you to refresh each data source separately.

The above is just a subset of the some of the new features in Analysis Office 1.2.  I want to thank SAP’s Juergen Schmerder and Alexander Peter for their support.


To learn more, I hope you will consider attending the ASUG Analysis Webcast on December 7th.  Register today.

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  1. Former Member
    Tammy thank you!

    Good features in 1.2, usefull.
    My pilot group (users) likes Analysis for Office. (easy, fast, intuitive). Good chance to be realy Bex Premium.

    It would be very good if developers in 1.2 also focus on:
    1. Optimize time when Analysis start (now 10-20 sec from click to ready to work)
    2. Search and Filter by Dimmention attributes (as example – find and filter materials by group of material)
    3. Exlude selections (
    4. Login screen must be one (HANA, BOE, BW).


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