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SAP Inside Track India 2011 – Here we go!

As SAP Inside Track India – Lets make it happen! few months back that we are working on organizing a SAP Inside Track in India this year as well, I am very glad to inform again that finally we have got the venue and logistics support from SAP Labs India and IBM India for organizing the event and decided the date as of now on December 3, 2011 (Saturday). I like to thank all the enthusiastic community members who responded to the survey and informed about your support and willingness to participate and make this event happen.

As now we got the venue and date finalized, lets come together to plan the event details. The idea is to have the main session organized in Bangalore at SAP Labs India campus and we shall have a parallel session in Kolkata as well at IBM India (DLF Tower B) office. To start with I have created a wiki page for SIT India 2011 with the preliminary information what we have now. Now most importantly we need to know how many of you will participate in the event by physically being present at the event and shall present sessions there. Please note both are important and these are the whole purpose of organizing this event, as it’s community-driven activity and for the interest of community members only. This will be an unique opportunity to interact, network and learn from each other. Also hopefully we’ll also get some of the top contributors in SCN and SAP Mentors to present some sessions or talk on some specific topics and interact with the community members in general.

So please take a moment to add your name in the attendee list wiki page :
SIT India 2011 Attendee List
and register in the Google form with your contact information : SIT India 2011 Registration if you are attending the event either in Bangalore or Kolkata.

If you are interested to present a session please add your session proposal in the following wiki page:

SIT India 2011 Session Proposal

The sessions can be of any topic on and around SAP solutions and products, about your experience and viewpoints on those, tips and tricks, etc. This will be an open informal forum where you can freely discuss on these topics from any perspective with a good bunch of fellow community members.

Please note that though the logistics support will be provided by SAP Labs & IBM India, we may have to contibute few bucks (Rs 100-200) per head, to order pizzas for lunch or some light refreshments.

We are looking forward for your active participation to make SIT India 2011 a great community event!

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  • Kumud Singh asked me offline about whether to attend/recommend this event, and with consent,  I am posting my answer here.

    Should you attend the SIT (SAP Inside Track) event in Bangalore or Kolkata? As I posted on twitter, my general answer would be "yes."

    Have you attended anything similar before?

    To be strictly honest, I have only attended one event with that label, in Philadelphia a while back. There is an ongoing debate, if you will, about whether these help or hinder ASUG Chapter meetings, which I have attended more frequently. SIT meetings have been community-driven, fairly informal, and seem to spin off more interesting side bar conversations than you'd get if you went to a vendor's hosted meeting (SAP or third party). I don't know if users in India have a users group to compete or coordinate with this, though my usual advice in either case is to make sure it doesn't turn into a sales pitch. I am good at squelching that...

    What happens in these events?

    Think of it as a "mini-conference" with content picked by volunteers. Knowing whose those leaders are, or joining in the organizing yourself, can ensure that you get subjects you want to hear about, not to mention the gratitude of the participants. Usually.

    In most cases, attendance is free, but limited to the venue size, so decide early. Pitching in for food or incidental costs is suggested and welcome. Bringing "swag" cannot be underestimated! We should coordinate on infinite turtle stickers.

    "Like minded people" - pretty abstract for me!

    One: check the sign up wiki page. Two: bring your friends. Three: you will meet those motivated to attend. If you are so-minded, you are in. Four: SAP Mentors, Moderators, and community members will be there.

    Take pictures, write about it. 

    • @jspath55 I see your offline consent worked. Kumud has signed up and another person from her organisation. I would say of course come to SIT India (because this time we are having it both at Bangalore and Kolkata) because of its collegial atmosphere, networking opportunities and last but not the least learning even though it might not be in your specific SAP topic area.
      I have no doubt it would be worth spending few hours on a Saturday at the event. We are working hard (behind scenes) to get sessions from within SAP but always open to have sessions from Community folks. Definitely the intention is not to be SAP product sales pitch but if Community Members does not come forward with session topics we have no option but to get hold of Product Specialists from SAP Labs.
      So far 7+7 total 14 signups hope it will cross 50 soon.