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Link WEB INTELLIGENCE document online and offline dynamically

The business case is when you like to use the function “Opendocument” to link between WEB INTELLIGENCE document but like it work Offline too.  I mean by OFFLINE, without any link to Business Object Enterprise server.

To do this, you need first a business case. 🙂

I will show you how to accomplish this, starting by the official opendocument function, then, I will show you how to consume it offline.  All this work fine in XI 3.1 SP2.

1) Create your cell in WEB INTELLIGENCE and create a standard “Opendocument” function reference.  Create a variable, it will be necessary later.

Should look like this


2) Create a HTML link, should look like this.  Where “test.mhtml” is the HTML report linked and “HTML Link (Offline)” is the text your link will show.  Create a variable


3) So now, you have one variable which contain the “opendocument” function, and one variable which contain the HTML function for OFFLINE.

4) To determine if you are online or offline, you must create a prompt in query and pass by example ONLINE or OFFLINE.  Where ONLINE is the default and OFFLINE is pass when you scheduling / publication your report in HTML.

That’s it.  One report, one cell with conditional option.

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