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How to configure New Search in CRM7.01 Agent Inbox

In older CRM versions, many complaints have been raised regarding performance in CRM Agent Inbox. In CRM7.01, two new searching techniques have been delivered:

–       Lean search: Is an enhancement in the search engine in order to process faster searches.

–       Asynchronous search: Allows carrying out other activities while inbox search is being performed. When search results are about to be shown, an alert is raised so the agent can navigate to the results.

Nevertheless, old search logic has been kept via customizing so customers can choose which logic they can use:

The new search has been included as three new columns in the agent inbox profile (transaction CRMC_IC_AUI_PROFILE). Also, two new profiles have been delivered with the asynchronous and the lean search for testing purposes:

–          Lean Search: Activates lean Search

–          Asynchronous Search: This type of search allows the user to continue working while the search is performed in the background.

–          Time interval for search result alert: set the minimum time interval (in seconds) after which an alert appears to let the user know that the search results are now available. It is the time interval the user can wait for the alert.

Also, a new business role IC_AGENT_ASY has been delivered role for Asynch search:

When performing a search with the asyinchronous flag, an information is displayin on the message area:

Then, an alert is raised when the results are available. When you click on the alert, the agent returns to inbox results

Click on the alert

HTTP trace looking for all IR with LEAN profile 9.647 seconds for 500 Interaction Records

HTTP trace without lean search (50 results)

As a conclussion, with the new lean search, the amount of results is bigger and the time of search has been dramatically reduced. Definitely, it is recommended to use this search as of CRM7.01

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