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SAP on IBM i – Update week 45 2011: STARTSAP/STOPSAP remotely

Welcome at the SAP on IBM i update after a little pause! This time I’d like to direct your attention to a improved behaviour of our tools triggered by a forum discussion. 


In a remotely stop\start your Windows Dialog Instance from System i CI of the SAP on IBM i forum, it was discussed if and how dialog instances running on Windows could be started or stopped from the central instance being an IBM i host. So far we had SAP notes, referred to by the proposed solution, which enabled you to write dedicated scripts for either side, which then would interact. To me this setup looks error prone. So I happily read the final post to the thread, which should make it obsolete.

Feel invited to look into the SAP solution to this problem in SAP note 1644051  (SMP login required as always), which is available for the downward compatible 7.20 kernel: The latest version of START/STOPSAP simply makes use of the existing communication of sapstartsrv and can be obtained by applying a small set of patches. With that all instances of a system on all hosts can be stopped by one command:) INSTANCE(ALL) INSTHOST(ALL)

h3. Stay tuned…

As the development team intends to maintain a consistent format, editions of the series will continue to be published on my name. Set feeds accordingly if you are interested in following the series.</p>

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