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Lets Excel : Enhanced Communication Channel search in SAP PI

1. How many file channels are using file content conversion?

2. How many channels are using OS command?

3. Identify the channels that are using a particular adapter module in module configuration?

4. How many channels are configured with variable substitution?

5. List out the email ids configured in the mail channels along with business component?

There are many more possibilities of such questions.

Have you ever come across these kinds of questions before? If yes, then you know already how tedious it is to answer without properly updated documentation. Even if it is documented, it takes time to figure out the exact details. And what if you don’t have any documentation? Don’t worry. There is no need to check each and every channel from now on.  Yes, it’s possible now with an Excel application in a couple of seconds.

Pre-Requisite for using the application

User must be assigned with following roles in java stack

1. PI <= 7.0 – Api_display


How to use

1. Download the Excel. Open it and enable macro.

2. Press ALT + F11 > Tools > References > Select the required library > click OK > close the window

3. Click Search Screen button on Search sheet  to open the form

4. Click SID label available at left top to System Configuration window

5. Enter the details SID host:port username password > Click Add System

This is a memory extensive step, so wait till it gets completed.

6. Click Back to Filter Screen.

7. Select the SID from the dropdown.

The channel search is ready to use now. Please note that this is kind of local search that works on downloaded channel details.

Also you can play around with search query by checking Run manual query.


Now you have the solution 🙂


1. How many file channels are using file content conversion?

SID > AdapterType = File > MessageProtocol = FileCSV > Search

2. How many channels are using OS command?

Run OS Command before message processing 

SID > AdapterType = File > AttributeName = file.preprocess.execute > AttributeValue = % > Search

Run OS Command after message processing 

SID > AdapterType = File > AttributeName = file.execute > AttributeValue = % > Search

Or simply.. SID > AdapterType = File > AttributeName = file%execute > AttributeValue = % > Search

3. Identify the channels that are using a particular adapter module?

SID > ModuleName = selectedValue > Search

4. How many channels are configured with variable substitution?

SID > AttributeName = file.varSubstitution > AttributeValue = 1 > Search

5. List out the email ids configured in the mail channels along with business component?

MailTo  SID > AttributeName = Mail.MailTo > AttributeValue = % > Search

MailCc   SID > AttributeName = Mail.MailCc > AttributeValue = % > Search

or simply  SID > AttributeName = Mail.Mail%  > AttributeValue = % > Search


I hope this tool would help you capturing communication channel details easily, increase productivity and improve the way you work. 

At end, special thanks to lliya Kuznetsov for his blog Simple reporting over PI communications channels that motivated me for this creation.

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      • Hi,

        I am new to PI Upgradtion Project.

        We are planning to upgrade PI 7.11 to PI 7.3.

        Can you please help me what are the steps we have to fallow to upgdrade PI and what are the changes/Issues need to takecare when upgradtion in PI.

        Share me your ideasssssssssssssssssss…….



  • Sorry I am not familiar with excel and I don’t know how to add PI parameters. Could you please let me know how to do it?



    • I have updated the How to use section. I guess it was lost somewhere while transition to new  SCN.


      Sunil Chandra

    • It gets connected in System Configuration screen that comes when you click SID in the main filter screen. Here you enter the details and Add the system. If you want, you can add multiple PI system also.


      Sunil Chandra

  • Hi Sunil,

    Get the below error / info : “the specified xml source does not refer to a schema. excel will create a schema based on the xml source data”. Post this, I dont see the data being extracted. Any idea what the reason for this would be?

    Note: I get the same error on both Excel 2010 / 2007.



  • I am not able to see back search option… Where we can see SID option to select those options….

    Could any one tell me the procedure to open the Filter option to select SID….

    As of now i am able to download Updated Mapping Sheet…. After that i stuck after 5 th step ……………..

  • Hello Sunil,

    When i click on SID, i did not get anything to enter details like host,port,user name, password.

    Is there anything wrong with tool ?

  • Hello Sunil

    Error in working with the excel

    File not found

    ActiveWorkbook.XmlImport url:= _

            Environ$(“TEMP”) & “\PICCD\template.xml”

    there is no template.xml

    import of cc xml files overwrite all values so that only the last CC is in the workbook



  • Hi Sunil,

    when I use this excel I get an error message ‘Web service endpoint URI expected: Not found endpoint with URI /CommunicationChannelService’.

    I get this with your excel and the excel of Iliya and I am not sure why as I have correct authorisation. It seems somehow to build an invalid URL?

    Hope you can help.

    Kind regards.    

  • Hi Sunil, congrant by the article! Is very clear.

    I have one question, i need to work over XI (PI 7.0) starting with roles assignment, but i dont found the Api_display rol. I search with SUIM trx by rol name but nothing with *API*

    Can you help me with roles?



  • Hi Sunil,

    When I download click the “search screen” tab it gives me the error as

    “Run-time error ‘3706’: Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed.”