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Continue to build On Genuine Demo Jam Awesomeness

On Genuine Demo Jam Awesomeness.  It got many of us thinking, how could Demo Jam at SAP Teched be better?  Be more like the “Old Days”.  Is there a way?  How do we get back that “Awesomeness”?  You tell us.

IF you haven’t already read it go read Thorsten’s blog, and then either comment there or here.  But please take the time to comment.  I could not find SAP Teched on Idea place.  And so I ask you to add your thoughts in one of the two blogs.

This is a really short blog basically to ask for suggestions.  Thorsten’s blog suggests that somewhere along the way we have lost the “Awesomeness” of demo jam.  Many  of us agree.  So here’s my challenge to you.  How do you think we could get it back?

Your suggestions would really help.  Proposing a solution, perhaps a plan of action… Something that we could try to move forward.  Normally I would say go to Idea place and vote / add the idea.  But I couldn’t find a good place for this question.  

Thorsten questions how the rules should be changed.  I’m seeing very little suggestions, but a lot of agreement.  So stop, think, let’s try to change this!  But how?  You tell us.

Group thinking is a powerfull tool – let’s use it.  Everyone has something to contribute even if it is a general thought.

While you are at it, I would appreciate a thumbs up vote on Idea place for a spot to put these suggestions.  

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