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WEB UI Business Roles

The following blog is written by John Villane II – Senior Education Consultant in the North America SAP Education Delivery Organization.   John specializes in SAP Customer Relationship Management; has more than 15 years of CRM consulting experience; and is certified in SAP CRM.  You can contact John via email at




As a Senior Education Consultant in the area of Customer Relationship Management, I receive a number of questions about the WEB UI Interface, pertaining to the assignment of the Business Role within the Organization Model. 


If you have some experience with the Customer Relationship Management Interaction Center module, you would recall the Info Object IC WEBCLIENT PROFILE and its assignment within the position of the Organizational Model.  So with that said; when the architecture of the new WEB UI interface was enhanced, several of the concepts already available within the Interaction Center Web Client were used.


Within the new concept, we added a Business Role that is assign to the position in the Organizational model, however we also added some security features within the Business Role  (PFCG) that control to what the user Navigation Bar would have access, i.e. WC_Centers.  Currently, there is a relationship to a Business Role and since this relationship exists, we can assign the PFCG directly to the user by utilizing the SU01 transaction. Before you can actually use this feature, there are a couple of instructions that must be completed — which will be outline  in the next paragraph.


Set up instructions:


  • Create a new user ZNEWUSER using transaction code SU01 or corresponding Easy Access Menu entry.   Maintain a Name and an initial password.  Save the user.


  • Create a new authorization (PFCG) role ZNEWPFCG using transaction code PFCG.  Only enter a description.  Save the data.


  • Create a new CRM WebClient business role ZNEWROLE using transaction code CRMC_UI_PROFILE.  Copy an existing role, e.g. SERVICEPRO and assign the newly created PFCG role to the new business role.  Save the data.


  • Execute report CRMD_UI_ROLE_PREPARE using transaction code SE38.  Enter your newly created business role ZNEWROLE and language EN.   After you have executed the report, a text file ZNEWROLE.TXT has been created.


  • Change the authorization (PFCG) role ZNEWPFCG using transaction code PFCG.
    • Choose tab Menu
    • Choose Import from file.
    • Select the local file ZNEWROLE.TXT
    • Choose tab Authorizations.
    • Choose the Change icon.
    • Enter Plan Version 01 in the upcoming pop-up and save.
    • Choose Generate
    • If you receive an information message that values for object S_SERVICE were not entered, inactivate this object. Therefore choose menu Edit > Find 
    • Again try to generate the authorization role.
    • Once successful, save the data.


  • Change the Organizational Model
    • Assign the newly created user ZNEWUSER e.g. to the position XXPosition
    • Assign the newly created business role to the XXPosition


  • Execute report CRMD_UI_ROLE_ASSIGN using transaction code SE38.  Enter your newly created user ZNEWUSER.   Hint: Observe that the CRM WebClient specific authorization role SAP_CRM_UIU_FRAMEWORK will also be added to the user.  It is important to know that this or a similar role must have been generated beforehand!


Once you have completed these steps, assign the newly created PFCG to the user via transaction SU01 — select Roles and enter the newly created role. 


You can obtain more in depth knowledge of Web UI Business Roles by attending the CR580 – SAP CRM User Interface and WUS581 – Tech. Details of SAP CRM Web UI courses.



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