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1st ABAP Championship – Rules

1st ABAP Championship is almost there!

You’re in time to participate!!!

Before launching the challenge (and I promise this is the last post before it), let’s clarify the rules of the championship. Any doubt, criticism, suggestion etc please do it commenting. All points will be read and evaluated and one or more rules might be changed if necessary.If you don’t know the 1st ABAP Championship, read the previous posts below:


The objective of the championship is to motivate ABAP learning in a different way and give visibility for those who strive themselves and/or do a good job. This competition is being launched at blog AND here at SDN. Both sites will have the same information, one in portuguese and this one in English. 

The Challenge

An ABAP project will be provided using a .NUGG file (SAPLink extension) together with some other files like .txt and .jpg. This project will contain

  • 1 WebDynpro Component
  • 1 Global Interface
  • 17 Global Classes (5 tipical classes and 12 exception classes)
  • 4 Domains
  • 7 Data Elements
  • 2 Structures
  • 1 Transparent Table
  • 4 Images in JPG format

The championship will consist in the creation of one (or more) custom classes (ZCL*) which will need to follow some rules. None of the objects which will be provided can be changed. The custom class to be created is the only piece of code which will be done by the competitor and it cannot violate data encapsulation from other classes using Field-symbols or similar techniques. The proposal of this class and its details will be provided at the same time the championship starts (in the next post about the championship). You can create more than one class with different algorithms if you want so you can have more chances to win the competition.

Bonus Material

Other SAP objects and any kind of content like videos, images and texts called “Bonus” can be provided during the competition. This special content can help you to create a more powerful class which in turn can have more chances to win the competition. This kind of content DOESN’T aim to alleviate competitor’s effort and will only be useful if and only if studied carefully. SAP bonus objects also cannot be modified and will only be used as a study base.

These bonus content can be provided during any time during the competition, at any ABAP101 channel (Blog, Blogroll, Twitter, Facebook, Newsletter). Stay tuned in our channels to don’t lose anything.

Bonus content won’t be provided exclusively for any participant, but it will always be public shared. If a participant ask for in contacting ABAP101 members it will be disqualified at the same time.

Doubts and Problems during the competition

No doubts can be sent directly to ABAP101 members. Any kind of doubt or problem must be done in format of comment in the next post which will launch the challenge. If necessary, a FAQ will be provided. All doubts sent will be evaluated and answered under ABAP101 members judgment, in such a way to don’t benefic any participant or to simplify the problem.


The registration for the championship is free of charge and will be completed after doing these two steps:

  1. Comment in the post which will launch the challenge containing (it’s NOT this post): UPDATE: you can check the post 1st ABAP Championship has started!
    • Competitor’s Name/Nickname
    • Country of Birth
    • Name of all custom classes created (minimum of one)
  2. Delivery of the custom class by email following all instructions explained in the next section respecting the delivery date stipulated.
Important: the registration will be considered completed after doing BOTH of the steps above. So, to register and participate in the competition you’ll have to complete the challenge which will be given.

Custom Class Delivery Rules

In order to have your registration completed, beyond the mandatory comment inside the post which will launch the champtionship, it’s mandatory the delivery of your custom class by email in .nugg or .slnk format (SAPLink files) to blogabap101 [at]

The email must have the following characteristics:

Subject: ABAP Championship-[Country of Birth]-[Name/Nickname]¹



Class #1: [Custom Class Name]

(optional) Class #2: [Custom Class Name]

(optional) Class #n: [Custom Class Name]


DON’t forget the attachments, which must be .nugg and/or .slnk files of the classes mentioned in the email body.

¹ Participant’s name or nickname and country of birth must be the same provided in the blog comment previously mentioned.

² No kind of check will be done with the classes sent by email (syntax check, code inspector etc). Please ensure your class is syntactically correct before sending it. If the class sent is syntactically incorrect or be the root cause of any DUMP during the game, it will be disqualified.

As soon your comment and email are validated, you’ll receive and answer by email acknowledging your registration.


The class of a competitor will clash with others participant’s classes until there is winner. Each clash will have 4 round and in case of draw, the winner class will be the one with a faster response time based on a benchmark test. All clashes will be recorded and provided.

The clashes will be decided by a raffle and a list with all clashes will be provided after the end of the challenge. Once the due date for the registration expired and your registration was acknowledged, just hope for the good performance of your class and stay tuned in ABAP101 or at my SDN blog to follow the results.


  • Registration (time to solve the challenge and register) – Between November 10th and November 20th at 10:59p.m (GMT 0)
  • Publication of Clashes – November 22nd
  • Execution of Clashes – Between November 23rd and November 27th
  • Winner Announcement  – November 28th


The developer of the winner class:

  • Will have a special post written by me here at SDN and also in explaining the logic used together with my complete feedback. The post will mention the winner and all credits for the code will be given to his or her. If desired, the winner can participate in the post.
  • Will be announced in ABAP101 Newsletter
  • Will have its class uploaded and highlighted in a project at SAP Code Exchange.

I hope everybody is prepared for the competition and looking forward its start.Wait for the next post and comment is desired!

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  • Without signing up prior to starting the competition - how do we get the materials?  What version of SAP will this run on?

    And I may find all this on other spots, but I can't get to most of them at work with the firewall.  I'll look when I get home!


    It's a great challenge, and should be a lot of fun!  Thank you for providing it.

    • Hi Michelle, in the next post (tomorrow?) I'm going to provide a link to .NUGG file. Everybody can download it. However, there will be a due date to deliver the challenge solved. Once you solve the challenge, sent it to us and insert your comment in the blog: you are registered.

      This is necessary because it just make sense in the championship to consider those who solve the challenge. The great thing is not solve or not, but is *how* it is solved.

      Any version with WD4ABAP is highly recommended. However as it's just necessary to create a custom class any version with ABAP Objects is already OK.


  • Hi,

    I guess the time schedule is now somewhat skewed, since we're already November 14 but still waiting for the post containing the materials? Just so we won't have to complete our entry in 5 days instead of 10?

    Let's hope the SDN moderators release the final post soon - I'm ready to start coding 🙂