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Old School UI Modeling – Meet HANA

Visual Composer has been around for many years, has thousands of productive customers and has been used UI screens all over the world. A few years ago, we we announced that the Visual Composer roadmap is complete and that we will not be investing heavily anymore in its development, a lot of people deemed it (and its underlying UI technology, Web Dynpro Java) dead. Not quite.

Kobi Sasson and the gang which runs Visual Composer Support & Development have been kind enough to share with me a sneak preview of an amazing feature in the upcoming version of NetWeaver. Enhancement Pack 1 of NetWeaver 7.30 (a.k.a. 7.31), which is supposed to start ramp up end of November, will contain the ability of Visual Composer to Model UI’s against a HANA based Database. As can be seen below :



(Notice that this isnt only querying HANA but also updating the data as well)

As you may have noticed, this looks exactly like modeling regular UIs in Visual Composer. The only difference is that you are choosing a different data source. This comes to show the power of abstraction Visual Composer gives you – Modeling is the same regardless of whether its the cutting edge columnar data everyone is raving about or the trusted warhorse of 10 years – R/3. And here comes the real power – What if you could write applications which get data from both HANA and R/3? In the same screen? Using the same UI modeling tool? Well – Look no further.


Once again – this demonstrates the strenght of NetWeaver as an integraiton platform – the ability to integrate a new paradigm with the old, to leverage existing tools and more imporantly – skillsets. 

I will be attending TechEd Madrid / SAPPHIRE EMEA this week. Feel free to ping me with questions, feedback.

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  • Hello Yariv,

    thanks for the blog, the visual composer does look interessting. Since I am not familiar with the tool, it would be great to have some audio comments in the videos which briefly explain or comment what you are doing.


    • Hi Mark,
      In the SDN tab, go to Home -> User Productiviy and you will find many resources to get you started with Visual Composer.

      Hope this helps,


  • I thought VC was a dead product.  Nice to see it being used again.   I saw it at a teched and brought it home.  It was not something people were ready to do (Sadly). 

    I hit the VC page.  It seems to be alive and well.  I haven’t heard a lot about it lately.  What I remember about the tool is how easy / quickly it was to build a program.  It’s been a long time.

    Thank you!


    • Hi Michelle,
      The rumors of VC being dead are highly exaggerated 🙂
      Its a product which we dont invest in as we used to anymore. But as you can see from this blog its still there and still supported. If you need help using it in your organization – let me know. I’ll connect you with the development team.
      • I do need help!  VC was / is such a great tool!  When I was using it a couple Teched’s ago, it was VERY fast to develop an application.  I could see myself sitting in a meeting developing as they talked.  Not the entire program but enough of a model to be able to show people and talk about it.  I think that is the hardest thing.  It is hard to get people to visualize what the UI looks like.  Then they don’t really know what to request until after you have spent the time developing what was in the requirements.  The requirements were not what they really wanted.

        Yes, it will take me a while to get to that point.  Where I can design as they talk, those meetings go on for hours if not days, so it would give me time.

        I’m excited!  I tried to push this technology when I learned about it, but had no success.  I may not this time around either.  But at least I can try it!  It just depends on what I need security, ECC / Netweaver version, that kind of thing.  Like I said it has been a couple of years since I had seen this in action.

        I remember a keynote at Teched where an application was designed while we watched.  Amazing.  I probably still have the materials because I thought it was cool and quick to build applications.

        As you can tell – I’m excited.


        Of course I am excited about River, HANA, and Gateway too.  But VC is a proven tool.  Not bleeding edge.

        • Hi Michelle,
          I’ve asked one of the VC people to contact you to help you get started. Sometimes people want tools which are proven and mature. The ability to combine them with “Bleeding Edge” is an added bonus.
  • Yariv:

    I’m not a VC guy…I have to admit I only use it once…but with this HANA shift…I will for sure look into it more…you just gave me a new tool to play with HANA…thanks a lot for that! -:D
    The videos are quite awesome for sure! -;)