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New Components of remote support platform 2.4 for SAP Business One

Remote Support Platform 2.4 for SAP Business One is now in unrestricted shipment. In this new  release SAP unveils a set of functions which enables partners to establish professional, end-to-end monitoring of the customer installations.

The installation package got a new component called remote support platform studio for SAP Business One, that allows partners to create, update and assign to their customers self-developed health checks tasks, database requests and customized solutions delivered by the SAP.

Communication between the studio and the remote support platform is possible through the WebDAV server. The following SAP Notes can be helpful for setting up your environment properly:

  • SAP Note 1637677 – Supported WebDAV versions (implementations)
  • SAP Note 1621085 – List of documents on how to configure WebDAV server from various vendors

We are strongly recommending to read the latest security updates from the vendors while setting up WebDAV in a productive environment and discuss the configuration with an internet security expert.

Once WebDAV is configured correctly, you will be able to:

  • Create and assign tasks to one or many customers,
  • Configure the remote system platform to download tasks and upload task results via Partner Channel (in application: Configuration/Channels/Partner Channel),
  • Find uploaded results of the remote support platform tasks in the results folder of your WebDAV server installation.
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