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Modifications to the Definitions of Existing Global Query Variable Parameters

Brief Introduction

Sometime there are requirements where Variable Parameters i.e. Technical name, Type of variable, Processing By, Variable Represents needs to be changed. However when the variable has been created then definition of these parameters can’t be modified within Bex Query Designer.

We can achieve this, by deleting the variable and create a new one with suitable parameters at Query Level.

But it is very difficult to delete the variable and creating new variable where variable already has been used in multiple queries (i.e. more than 20 etc).

So, here is the proper way to change these parameters directly via RSZGLOBV table.

Summary / Scenario

Let us take an example to explain the detailed steps required to change/modify Variable parameters directly with RSZGLOBV table.


Step by Step Solution

We have created one formula variable in Bex Query Designer & now want to change the variable parameter (i.e. Processing Type).

Step 1

Go to TC SE16 -> Table RSZGLOBV and enter variable technical name in Variable Name (VNAM) field.




Step 2

Select Version (OBJVERS): A. Click on Execute button.


It will display the all the parameters with our Variable name.



Step 3

Select the variable and click on change button (F6)

In the next screen it is possible to change any parameter of variable. In our case we want to change Processing Type i.e. “VPROCTP” (Select parameters in RSZGLOBV table) parameter.



Change the content of Select parameters (VPROCTP) field from 5 to 6 (i.e. User entry / Default Value to Authorization) and, save.




Step 4

Do the same (From the step 2) for “M” version entry in RSZGLOBV table.

Step 5

If this variable used in more than one query then it needs to generate all those queries.

Go to TC RSRT – > Environment – > Gen. Queries Directly.

Type the info provider technical name with the queries to be generated and press Execute (F8).




Query Output

You can see output at query level.


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