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FAQ on Quality Gate Management (QGM) and ChaRM Integration in SAP Solution Manager 7.1

Last week we successfully completed our checking new functionality of Solution Manager 7.1. Now in my landscape (Quality Gate Management) QGM is successfully running on top of ChaRM. I would like to share my finding on integration of QGM and ChaRM in Solman 7.1 in the format of Q&A as follows below.


What are the restrictions to activate QGM and ChaRM, both in the same project?


  • QGM can be activated to the ChaRM project, only with the development phase.
  • ChaRM can be activated to the QGM project, where no gates have been passed.
  • ChaRM can only be activated with QGM, where the project completely maintained with QGM.



I created QGM project, started to work on it, and now it is in the phase of testing. Is it possible to activate the ChaRM for this project?


  • No, you were not able to activate, since you have already passed at least one phase. If you try to activate it, you will end up with the error as displayed below:






I am already working on ChaRM, where the current phase of the maintenance cycle is Go Live. Is it possible to activate QGM now for this project?


  • No you cannot activate it. You can activate the QGM on ChaRM project only during the development phase, where the entire project is completely maintained on QGM. If you try to activate QGM on the maintenance cycle Go-Live Phase, the system throws the error displayed below:






I created a maintenance project, activated QGM, where no gates are passed,  I also activated ChaRM. Now, what is the process flow change? Will it be able to transport from QGM as well?


  • No, you cannot transport from QGM. When QGM and ChaRM both are integrated, the entire transport features are only available on ChaRM. QGM will manage only Qgate themselves. You will get this confirmation warning while activating ChaRM on QGM:






In my landscape both QGM and ChaRM are integrated. Is it possible to create change using QGM?


  • No You cannot do that. You can create only from ChaRM. If you tried to create, you would get the following error:





I have a project where ChaRM and QGM both are activated. Is it possible to import the ToC to the QA system where QGATE in the Build phase?


  • No, You cannot import ToC to the QA system. You can import only in the QGATE Test Phase. If you tried to do so, you will get the following error:





For more information on QGM and ChaRM integration please refer the SAP note Note 1509091 – QGM: General note for Quality Gate Management 7.1 

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  • I have a project where ChaRM and QGM both are activated. Is it possible to import the ToC to the QA system where QGATE in the Build phase?

    There I have an update for you: This should now be possible as of SP5. We have introduced a setting that allows you to import ToCs also in the build phase.

    When setting up the QGM project, there is a flag called "Enable Transport of Copies Import in Build Phase"

    Best regards