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Accelerated Application Delivery – SAPPHIRE /TechED- enhance the performance of your SAP applications

Are you a global company? A company whose offices (be it sales, production warehouse…) are spread at the different ends of the globe?  A company whose users may speak different languages but access similar data systems? If so, you are probably experiencing what are known as Network Related Pains, in which those users residing close to the data centers are quite content with their daily activity application performance and those who are far may be struggling to create a report or even login to a basic application.

To address these issues SAP offers what is known as a Wide Area Network optimization tool, Accelerated Application Delivery for SAP NetWeaver (AccAD), AccAD ensures that all web based applications are at top performance over a WAN distribution.

Accelerated Application Delivery for SAP NetWeaver offers leading generic optimizations as well as SAP application specific optimizations which are focused on offering the best WAN acceleration capabilities for the SAP applications.

The newest AccAD – AccAD v2.3 is currently available in ramp up accepting new and upgrading customers.

AccAD is already optimizing many of the leading world companies’ networks with highly significant results.

So as we are all boarding our planes and making the final preparations’ for SAPPhire TechEd I wanted to bring to your attention this one additional topic which is most likely extremely important for you and tell you where you can meet us face-to-face.

  • Tuesday 8/11/11 2.00-2.30pm; COIL Expert Session: Modern Network Technologies for SAP Applications
  • Wednesday 9/11/11 3pm-5pm: TEC-P12, AccAD Pod session, Pod #9 Hall 10
  • Thursday 10/11/11 1pm-3pm: TEC-P12, AccAD Pod session, Pod
    #9 Hall 10

Our team looks forward to meeting you – and feel free to stop by if you would like to hear about our new and exciting changes in AccAd v2.3.

Wishing you a fabulous educational event.


Smadar Ludomirski
Accelerated Application Delivery for SAP NetWeaver
Solution and Product Manager

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