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Where to get information on Business Process Blueprinting for Solution Manager 7.1

A considerable number of customers who contact me for SAP Solution Manager consulting ask me to help them in their SAP project implementations, to design and document their core business processes during the Blueprint Phase. Some of them want to reverse engineer their business processes based on their actual usage and then create their business process structure from the result, and others want to use the SAP standard business processes from the Business Process Repository or from a Project Template as initial source, but in all cases they want to able to easily adapt those business processes to the company’s reality.

Because I very often see this kind of discussions about how to efficiently and easily compose and adapt business processes during the Blueprint phase, one of the highlights of the new SAP Solution Manager 7.1 in my opinion is the Business Process Blueprinting (BPB), an Eclipse-based tool for enhancing the blueprint using the BPMN (Business Process Management Notation) that can be used for modeling SAP and non-SAP processes based on existing functionality and proven content from SAP Solution Manager. BPB is built as ABAP Add-On and RCP client, rich client plataform, and focuses on enriching SAP’s process modeling at blueprinting of a solution. It’s integrated to SAP Netweaver BPM that comes with Netweaver Composition Environment.


As I want to give a better support to my customers, and do not have a deep knowledge on Netweaver BPM or other third-party BPM tools, I am very interested in learning more about the Business Process Blueprinting in SAP Solution Manager to help them to decide which tool to use. I’ve been reading a lot about it and will try to attend the related SAP Teched Madrid sessions. For those who are also interested in more information and demonstrations of BPB, check the links below: 


SAP Mentor Tony de Thomasis YouTube video

SAP Help Enhancing a Business Blueprint

SAP Note 1579894: Installation of Solution Composer Add-on on SAP Solution Manager 7.1


Business Process Blueprinting 1.0 Info Page:> SAP Components -> Business Process Blueprinting ->Release 1.0.

SCN Weblog: Business Process Blueprinting from SAP Solution Manager

Important SAP Teched sessions:

PMC104: A Comprehensive Introduction to Process Modeling and Business Process Blueprinting, Lecture

PMC105: Process Modeling From Blueprint to Collaboration to Process Execution, Lecture

PMC167: Leverage SAP Solution Manager for Blueprinting Solution Extensions with SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management, Hand-on

POD: PMC-P09 Process Modeling and Business Process Blueprinting

(This POD is very interesting because we will have the opportunity to meet Karsten Erxleben, SAP Product Manager)

There is also a lot of information related to SAP Netweaver BPM here in SCN, such as:

Business Process Management and Composition

SAP Netweaver BPM in 3 minutes

Business Process Management Blogs

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  • Glad to see this, your second blog entry, and looking forward to meeting you this week in Madrid.
    Will you be sharing further contents about your experiences there?
  • Hi Raquel,

    thanks for the detailed blog.

    I recently tried to use the BPB tool, hence performed the configuration as per the guide and installed the BPB tool. there is a field called 'Default context' in the preferences section of BPB tool. I am not sure what to key in here?. I keep getting an error saying 'Could not get context for user; check server configuration on tab page preferences' . could you kindly help here.



    • Hi Jai,

      I think you need to download the config.txt from EBB Workspace. You can perform the following steps and see if they work:

      1. Access https://<host>:<port>/ebb/setup.asp.

      2. In the Configuration File column of the package that you want to use, click download.

      3. In the File Download, dialog box, choose Save.


      The file ‘ceconfig.txt’ must contain following details:

      • serverName
      • server
      • httpPort
      • httpsPort
      • packageID

      Replace the existing config.txt file with the downloaded one. Things should be fine after that. Let me know if this helped.