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SAP Mentor’s Quarterly Q3 is out!

The SAP Mentors Quarterly Q3 is not published.  We are still working on it.  It is after all only Q1 isn’t it?  Oh that is right!  It is Q3.  Well in that case – I guess we are published and out there for your viewing pleasure.Blag’s percpective about the world at large.  How big and pretty everything is.  Or maybe it is Blag’s thoughts on SAP HANA development.  You tell me –after you read it!

h3. Not enough for you? 

You have a million of things to do – no time to read.  Well there is Blagbert, sources for inspiration, while I was at Teched, the value of SCN,  SAP Istanbul – and well – AND A LOT MORE!  So get ready for a great time just reading what those pesky Mentors are doing, saying, and thinking.   Maybe that is more than anyone would want to know.

Seriously, I think this is one of the best ones yet!  Check it out.</p>

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  • Hi Michelle,

    I like your new style! (Liked the old one too, yet so close to THE event it's a pleasant change to read a funny and short blog!

    Before I drop off... super special thanks to the ladies -Michelle and Tammy- as well as Otto for pushing extra hard this time. This one has been another great team effort!


  • Thanks for pushing this out there, promoting and sharing the content.  Perspectives on work/life balance, acknowledging others, lessons learned at various events, social commerce.  Loved the diverse contributors and diverse contributions and new voices!  Great to read about the event in Turkey from Dilek and hear reporting from Bangalore.  Maybe by the time we finish the final of our series of "Inclusion" and "Design Thinking" events (in SAPTechEd Madrid) we shall have a mentor's view of those as well. (you all surely gave us the opportunity to contribute we just have to step up to the plate).  Thanks to all that create this very community-driven publication.
    • Thank you Marilyn!  I'm glad it was interesting.  It's an amazing thing, to work with these great people to create something that is meaningful, creative, and a good read.  (At least that is what we strive for.)
  • What would you like to read?   Whose perspective would you like to hear?   Want us to keep surprising you?  We are good at that.

    Keep in mind that some of the people have real jobs too.  Yes, I have a day job.  But we will try to include your suggestions in one of the next releases.

  • Hello Michelle,
    Few days back I saw a tweet on Mentors quartely and had no idea what that is.Now I understand at least.But please correct me in case my observation is wrong, these sections have already been captured in blogs written by the mentors and many others.It was approximately the same. I could see Jarret's and Tammy's information as something new.


    • I'm not sure what the question is?  What sections?  The ones in the actual publication?

      Yes, there is a cross over between the information in the Mentor's quarterly and what we blog about.   BUT it should never be just a copy of what you already knew. 

      The sections here in this blog?  Well if you read the SAPMQ - yes it is a duplicate, I was trying to get people to read the SAPMQ - nothing new in this blog.

      Let us know if something is the exact same thing you have seen somewhere else.  It should not happen.