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Operate Better with the help of SAP Enterprise Support

In my recent blog I explained to you how SAP Enterprise Support helps you to “implement better” using the analogy of building a house. Today I would like to take the picture of building a house one step further.
Imagine a growing town. Houses get built: First some small 3 storey buildings and, later on, much bigger buildings, and finally factories. People and goods need to move between the buildings and eventually a traffic system emerges. After a while the demand grows to optimize traffic flow within the town, hence we need to start building new roads and traffic lights.

Did you know that operating a software solution has a lot in common with this imaginative town?
In fact this town could represent your solution landscape: The houses are applications, the roads are interfaces between the different applications in your solution landscape. As the size and the complexity of our town grows, your solution’s business criticality and complexity grows, too. Thus you have to optimize and automate.

So how can you optimize and automate the operation of your IT solution?
The answer is “SAP Enterprise Support”. SAP Enterprise Support is the proven proactive support offering that will help you operate your “software town” better.

They key for a smooth solution operations is SAP Solution Manager. SAP Solution Manager is the platform to leverage services and tools available from SAP Enterprise Support to help you improve all aspects of your solution operations. The SAP Solution Manager system has toolsets and processes to address your challenges at each phase of the application lifecycle management. In this way you will benefit from business process improvements, a central monitoring infrastructure, an integrated service desk and root-cause analysis to name a few.   The bottom line is you can reduce your risk and lower your TCO through standardized and integrated application lifecycle management with SAP Solution Manager.

SAP Enterprise Support also helps you to operate better with the help of the SAP Enterprise Support academy. The academy offers a powerful combination of training, practical experience, and expertise on demand. Offering both guided self-services and expert-guided services, the SAP Enterprise Support academy ensures that you have access to the whole spectrum of skills that are necessary to master the operation of your solution

Let me highlight today the guided self-services. These new self-services are focused on typical challenges which SAP Active Global Support has seen across its expansive customer base. Some of these are security optimization or data volume management.

With SAP Enterprise Support you are now able to leverage those guided self-services at your own convenience!

In the optimize phase, SAP Enterprise Support provides top issue management through mission critical support. If needed, the support advisory center is there for you 24 x 7 and provides a group of SAP support engineers who will directly assist you with issue escalation and support plan development.  Hence problems are quickly identified and solved.

SAP has developed a methodology to engage proactively and efficiently with our customers. Through the methodology SAP can holistically understand our customers’ situation, jointly define an action plan, and identify benefits to improve operations through the use of SAP Enterprise Support.

Finally SAP Enterprise Support includes proactive continuous quality checks. There are several different continuous quality checks and Improvement Services available to help you to operate better. Some of these are services will help you to analyze your system performance such as the continuous quality check for “technical performance optimization” or make sure your critical core business processes are working efficiently such as the continuous quality check for “business process performance optimization”.

In addition, the engagement methodology ensures that SAP can assist you in getting the most out of SAP Enterprise Support. 

SAP Enterprise Support offers the best services, tools and guidance at each step of the operations and optimization phase.

In a nutshell the advantages of SAP Enterprise Support:

–          Expert guidance through the SAP Enterprise Support academy,

–          Proactive continuous quality checks

–          The support advisory as your direct SAP contact

–          And finally SAP Solution Manager as your platform for success.

SAP Enterprise Support helps you optimize and automate your SAP operations to “Run SAP Like a Factory”.

Direct Link to the new “Operate Better” presentation:

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