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Maintaining Decision Keys for a Workflow Task in the Workflow Gateway ODC Service

*Overview* We have a SAP NetWeaver Gateway system installed in our company. As part of our usage of the Gateway system, we are using the built-in OData Channel service for Workflow task processing. This allows us to build mobile applications that enable us to process +User Decision+ tasks from mobile devices and other platforms that do not require logon to the backend SAP system. One of our commonly used Workflow task involves release of a purchase order, which is not a +User Decision+ task but a +Dialog Activity+ task and therefore not regularly covered by the Workflow OData Channel service. Executing a +Dialog Activity+ task on the backend SAP system does not display the regular +User Decision+ screen, but forwards the user to a dialog transaction (in our case, ME29N). We would like to be able to process such tasks using mobile or other outside applications without having to build an entirely new (and most likely very complicated) service. Since this task has specific outcomes (release of the purchase order or rejection), we can easily integrate this task into the Workflow OData Channel service by customizing decision keys for the task and implementing the outcomes using a BAdI implementation. The procedure below gives an example of how to implement release or reject of a purchase order using the Workflow service. *Customizing the Decision Keys* To customize the decision keys: * Choose *SAP Reference IMG*.1. Navigate to *SAP NetWeaver –>**SAP NetWeaver Gateway Business Suite Enablement –>** Workflow Settings*.

  • Open the* Maintain Task Names and Decision Options *activity.
  • Choose* New Entries*.0.1. In the *Step Name* table, enter the Workflow ID, the step ID, and the step description. Add New Workflow Step 1. Choose Save. 2. Select the new entry and under *Dialog Structure*, double-click *Decision Keys*.0.1. Choose* New Entries*.
  • Enter the new decision keys and their descriptions.

 Add New Decision Keys

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