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Design Thinking Workshop to Enhance Women’s Contribution – My Experience@TechEd

 I was so excited when I receive an email from Marilyn “ You are invited to attend a special seminar and workshop being offered during SAP TechEd  held at SAP TechEd Bangalore”

Although it was a bit busy day after attending many session/hand-on…  which are purely technical! My mind was almost like a rollercoaster. I suddenly remember about this event which is happening somewhere there at TechEd! Alas…  I almost forgot the venue? I quickly opened my laptop and got the venue details from my email, yippee… I charged myself and moved on to reach the venue, I saw Marilyn for the first time, and she had a cam in handy shooting  the participants introduction and also welcoming everyone to the event.

Well the event was inaugurated by Chip Rodgers


Then it was handed over to Marilyn Pratt and Jeanne Carboni who introduced the participants about the session and also about 7Billion Initiative

This is conducted by United Nations Population Fund(UNFPA)


The initiative- objectives

  • Building global awareness around the opportunities & challenges associated with seven billion people.
  • Inspiring every individual to take actions that will have a positive social impact.


And their theme is to build awareness around the issues like Poverty, inequality, Women empowerment an so on..

Jeanne ran us through some interesting slide which talks more about this 7billion initiative.. To know more about this

And now the Designing Thinking – Introduction was kicked off by Lakshman(Lucky).

Well, In brief this interactive event is all about Design Thinking Workshop to Enhance Women’s Contribution in a Professional Environment

Lucky  started talking about workshop

What is Design Thinking


It’s an revolutionary approach to Innovate! It’s a process of identifying the issues. It’s a Kind of thinking various solutions to the issues.

Designing Thinking Process

This in definite process mainly says

  • Understand like gathering the information
  • Observe like analyzing the knowledge
  • Pointing to the solutions

Designing Thinking Components

Multidisciplinary teams work in a variable space by following the designing thinking process.

How do we Approach?

Here your work shop starts …

Issues were given by them

1) How might we increase women’s contribution in software projects like ‘Technology to Enhance Education’ that supports the Millennium development goals?
2) How might we increase women’s contribution in software projects like ‘Technology to provide access to better health services’ that supports the Millennium development goals
3) How might we benefit from gender differences as a business advantage in software development and collaboration (the role of women in development)
4)How might we use social media to improve organizational change management during challenging times?

All the participants were divided into four teams and were asked to choose the given topic of their own choice! Thumb rule is each team should have equal proportionate of genders.. Sounds very interesting right? Yeah.. It is!

So now each team has to start following the Designing Thinking Process in defining the solution for the indefinite issue.

I am giving the brief overview on all topics which were discussed at workshop

Second one:

This topic chosen team came with a prototype: kind of stage show they did

 A Manager of Team A is leaving the organization X and taking the challenge in the Organization Y with the Team B, Here Manager had mixed feelings, he is sad since he left his long time co-working team A and also he is happy that he took over new challenge, Soon after he joins Team B, he promotes one team member after reviewing his performance and also he assign a pilot project to another team member.. team‘s contribution is great to the project, as a manager he is happy by maintain the happy and healthy environment in the team.. Like this way all his team members are very happy and healthy..

 For the third one:

I was a part of this team..




We understand and highlighted some of the issues like Gender difference, Generation gap, Mental Block, we discussed a lot on these, we argued and finally we came up with the prototype lke Team Building Kind of Art work (using thermo coal)! We designed a Globe which is lifted high and high by the team when both the genders were treated equally& happily.

Fourth one:

This team came up with a prototype like they use social media after work hours to had a get together, party, other fun activates.. They often stay tuned both professionally and personally using the highly impacted social media networks like face book/orkut..  If they had any concerns/issues at work they can solve them by having a friendly talk which improves the organizational change management..

 I skipped the first topic since I didn’t actually remember what their prototype was! Please excuse me

And this workshop ended by Luck again! We had a great dinner together..

That’s all about my experience @ Designing Thinking workshop!


 Left  to Right: Kumud, Marilyn, Me(Jyothi) and Jeanne


With Marvelous Marilyn!

Thanks to Marilyn, Jeanne, Lucky for conducting such a beautiful workshop.

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  • Hello Jyothi,

    I am so glad you have taken time to write this.You have covered aspects which I left/missed in mine blog for the same.
    Hope our paths cross again in such interesting events.


  • Wow what a lot to try to do in one workshop!  But I would love to see it all work - the world lifting higher and higher with EVERYONE working together.  Just think about what we could accomplish.

    Argue?  No - it was a debate.  I am sure that your team had a healthy debate.  It is all in how you say it.

    Great overview of the entire event!  Wonderful blog.


    • Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for your encouragment!

      Well.. It actually started a individual opinions, slowly turned to debate and then it got coverted to kinda argue.. and at lastly it a nice debate!

      I would request every one to attend this workshop.. which adds value !


      • It's amazing how other thoughts makes you think differently.  I'm still commenting on a blogs that make me think.  This one and other ones.

        I think that the other blog I'm commenting on is a "heated debate".  Smile.  What fun.  It drove me to write another blog.

        I love to open my mind to different thought opinions.  I do not always promise not to debate them with my own perspective.

        Everyone has a unique perspective.  That's why this design thinking is so very important.  The more people that attend, the more heated debates there are, the more information we will trade. 

        I loved to read your blog!  Nice response.  It made me laugh on a Monday morning.


        I hope to meet you in person sometime - SAP is a small world.

        • Glad that your Monday started with some fun!

          Design thinking is as important as each individual take/see! It makes us to think.. Well said Michelle!

          I would love to meet you ! defenelty somewhere sometime..

          Good day ahead