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Editing PSA Records

There are several times we face errors during the data load from Persistant Staging Area (Check the below link for detailed info on PSA to upper targets. These errors can be related to wrong entry made for a field from R/3, Non Alpha Compliant value ( Non Alpha Compliant is a term used when a field doesn’t consist the number of digits as per the size specified for a field eg. A field of 5 digits 00001 is only entered as 1, When we try to process the value 1 and try to update it to Data Store Object then it gives error as the value expected is of 5 digits & not 1 digit). 

In such scenarios we have a common option of editing the records with correct value at PSA level and update the records manually (In case if the error is being faced due to alpha conversion issue and we have enough time or we can wait, then we can move the transport to enable the alpha conversion for the related object). 

In case if the total number of records are huge then it becomes very tedious to correct all the records one by one. Most of us wonder if the editing of all the records would have been possible by some means? Most of us are not aware that editing all the records at one go is possible.

Let us consider an example where around 3000 records with field 0COORDER have been updated wrongly i.e. instead of 0000000001 the field was updated as ”         1″ which will definfitely give an error as it is non compliant. We can either enable the alpha conversion (this will take time as it requires transport to be moved from development syatem to production)or manually edit the records.

In order to avoid interruption of businnes we can go with the option of editing the records at PSA level directly. To edit all the records at one go, just select all the erroneous records for the failed data packet.

Once all the erroneous records are obtained, just click on the erroneous field, In our case 0COORDER ( All erroneous records wil be selected). Go to LIST -> Change All Records -> Enter the correct value (0000000001). Popup shpuld appear seeking confirmation if all the records need to be changed. Once you click on yes all the records would change. 

Also one thing additional to be noted here is that once the records have been edited then dont try to change the overall status of the request at PSA level to green, load it directly to DSO first then the status should change to green automatically once the request has been updated to DSO sucessfully.

Note: Solution to be applied only when the field value for all the erroneous records is exactly same.

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