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SAP TechEd Bangalore 19-21 October, 2011

SAP TechEd is such a great event that you always look forward to it every year in anticipation. Last year i attended my first TechEd and also blogged about my experience (SAP TechED Bangalore 2010 Day 1 Musings, SAP TechED Bangalore 2010 Day 2 Musings & SAP TechED Bangalore 2010 Day 3 Musings)


This year, although it’s my second TechEd, it has a special meaning alltogether as this was my First TechEd after becoming SAP Mentor. Lots of excitement is involved because Mentors are treated as celebrities:)

Highlighting below some of the events which i could participate and my take on it.

Key Events


1. Vishal’s Keynote – BI On Demand, HANA Sandbox, Charitra


HANA Sandbox was much awaited as developer community is all abuzz and would like to have hands on experience on HANA, the most talked about buzz word in Analytics. Thanks Vishal, Team behind making this system available deserves Kudos!!

Now the ball is in Developer’s court to create application using the power of HANA.


BI On Demand – Growth of Enterprise applications is accelerated by the BI features in most of the business propositions, putting BusinessObject in on-demand environment will benefit SME segment and will also augur well for SAP as their future on-demand products will take shape.


ChariTra – Charity transformation, a noble cause which will “bridge between systems of giving, across corporate boundaries”.  Again Kudos to the team who incepted this idea and also to those who took the idea and given such practical shape.


After the three announcements, it was felt that Vishal will announce something more but that didn’t happen and part of the audience it felt little short of expectations – There will be something special coming in Madrid:)

2. Connect with Chip Rodgers, Aslan, Marilyn and other fellow SAP Mentors.

Since morning i was looking for Aslan, as I had no confirmed SAP Mentors Program with me. To be honest, I was looking for my Mentor’s T-Shirt;) ID 151.

On the way I found one man who looked like Chip Rodgers surrounded by event team as he was guiding them with his signature smile intact. I asked him about  Aslan’s whereabouts and he patiently guided me, I tweeted and Aslan called back. Twitter works!! Thanks Chip.

3. SAP Mentors Meeting with Vishal and Aiaz and Sethu M.


Much anticipated meeting with Vishal , Aiaz and Sethu happened shortly after the key note. Since this was my first meeting i was rather more nervous excited at the same time.

Vishal seems to be really passionate about technology, just listened to him when he talks about it, how many CTO’s can find out left outer joins in a SQL query code and suggest modifications?? Vishal can and he did.

Aiaz and Vishal together compliments each other in a way when discussions around technology with Vishal takes new heights, Aiaz will give a lighter moment with his humor.

4. Press Conference with Vishal, Ferose, Manish (Asian Paints), CN (Essar).


Asian Paints (Paints & Emulsion, non IT) and Essar (Multiple Business but non IT) are two SAP Customers who are closely working with SAP on HANA. During Press conference both of them talked about interesting journey and the learning achieved in closely working together on HANA. Events which took 3 days in data processing are now reduced to 3 mins!!

Reaction time will be reduced tremendously, time to train decision makers accordingly.

5. Felicitation of SAP Mentors on Stage along with Topic Leaders

Much anticipated event came in at the later part of the first day when all SAP Mentors were called on stage by Chip himself and were given loudest of roar from the audience.

Same was repeated for Topic Leaders who were also called on stage, for me it was dual appearance. My heartbeat missed for a moment, it was like a dream come true. Thanks to everyone for making this a special moment for me.

6. DemoJAM

Craig Chemil was missed sorely as the event progressed. Ian Kimbell, the event coordinator, tried his best perhaps but then DemoJAM for me and for many others is Craig’s trademark. Out of the seven contestants the first (Deloitte Team) and the last one from Australia were good enough and finally the last one took the trophy.

  • Congratulations to Demo Jam Winners: Globemaster, Tom Nelson, University of Queensland, Australia and Marek Kowalkiewicz, SAP.
  • 7. Guest Keynote by Anil Kumble

    Ian Kimbell made way for Anil Kumble, famous Indian cricketer who is known for his spin bowling and also as someone who took 10 wickets in an test innings. He gave lessons that he has taken from cricket field, something which comes only from experience, and can be put in our day today work life.

    8. Raju Srivastava fun trail – Known for this stand up comedy, he kept the audience laughing untill late dinner. Those who could understand the Hindi were laughing loudly and those who were not able to get the language were supporting as well:)

    9. Meeting with TIP members

    This meeting happened on Second day of TechED and was organized for SAP Mentors specifically, I felt honored. I hope that I have been able to answer satifying answers to the questions.

    10. Interview, live on SAP TV along with Abesh and Aslan

    This was my first interview and i enjoyed it as much Aslan enjoyed as a host. I tried to clarify my take on SCN and SAP Mentors and also clarified few doubts prevailing Points accumulated on SDN and any relation of it with being SAP Mentors. I was rather nervous in between!!

    11. SCNotties Award

    I also got my first SCNotties award, something which i will treasure for life time. SCNotties award are for SCN community members introduction of 30 seconds. Jim Spath is the one who coordinated this in Bangalore this year. This happened just before Design Thinking workshop.

    12. Meeting with Christina and Bernhard

    Feedback on TechEd content was shared by SAP Mentors. Mine is mentioned as below for the session and Podcast that i attended.

    Sessions and Podcast

    a) Sybase – For beginners it was good, nothing beyond.
    b) Nothing on SAP CRM.

    General feedback

    The emphasis was more on numbers be it record number of attendees or number of sessions. Feedback of few hands on Session where it was felt that something better could have been done has been shared. 

    Last but not the least, registration passwords should be masked otherwise it may lead to temptations!!

    Finally i would like to thank everyone for making my three days memorable esp, Jim Spath, Chip, Aslan and Marilyn.

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