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IT/Fiscal Layer Gap – Why not a new kind of professional?


I work in Brazil, though it’s a profitable market it’s also one of the top most complex localizations.

I would like to suggest the creation of a new Application or Solution to Brazil’s IT/Fiscal layer.

I am a Senior consultant here in Brazil, with over 09 years experience. In the beginning of this period I have faced different kinds of projects, but most of them focused in the SAP application: the roll-out or implementation of it.

As Brazil implemented this Electronic Fiscal Big Brother, most of the market projects were headed that way. Mainly because there is always a law in the background saying it’s mandatory.

So, as this is a new scenario in Brazil, it is for the companies as well. It doesn’t matter its size, the company normally has an IT Team and a Fiscal Team, that most often speak different languages and, work independantly.

The new demand of producing data from the ERP to be delivered to the Government, brings out lots of new developments for this interaction to take place. Besides, the data produced must be correct because it may produce fines, penalties to the company and its representative, if wrongly informed. And, correct information represent correct Fiscal adequance that may generate savings and refunds. But, this figure that would work as a focal point between the technical side to the Fiscal side does not exist. This issue has been solved by resources as an overduty.

That’s where my idea of having a new layer fits. Recently, I got to know the ME product which fills the gap in a Production line. This FIT solution (Fiscal IT), would do the same. I  would like to work with this layer. In my opinion, it is an everlasting demand of work besides making part of compliance. GRC-Nfe here in Brazil is most of the times dammed becuase people cannot see the compliance role of it. Just the messaging solution….


Hope to have coped somehow… Please, count on me for any further info you may want!



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  • If I understand correctly what you are describing, its someone with IT savvy that also understands the unique fiscal process requirements in Brazil.  We have a general name for this kind of person – a business process expert. While they may not be the person to install software or maintain a database, they do understand how to map business requirements to software features.  And as software maintenance is becoming more and more automated in the cloud, these people may become all that remains in the customers IT department.