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SAP developers describe first experience with SUP 2.1 OData SDK and NW Gateway

Yaad Oren of the NetWeaver Gateway Solution Management team interviewed developers Subhasha Ranjan and Varun Rangahbashyam at the TechEd Bangalore about their experience developing with SUP 2.1 and Netweaver Gateway in the Innojam.  Their application was targeting a use case of integrating social (Facebook) media and business transactions.  Neither had any prior experience with SUP, Gateway, or Android, and in 24 hours used the RFC Generator, modeled their OData services in Gateway, installed SUP 2.1 (on its first day of release), and used the documentation to easily develop a native Android application using the SUP 2.1 OData SDK.

Subhasha described how SUP 2.1 ‘makes a nice handshake’ with Gateway.  “It was designed in such a way that you could say a ‘lemon’ could go in step-by-step and create SAP applications.”  His teammate Varun added:  “It was nice–we didn’t know what to do, and we went to this document [] and it says ‘do this, do this’, do that’.  So that really really helped.”

Describing the application design process:  “we had this content and the diagram available, and we were able to visualize how this application overall is going to work.  From that perspective we could see that these were the steps that we were going to develop/consume in NetWeaver Gateway, and these were the steps that we were going to put in SUP.  We created a PowerPoint slide with a diagram of the proper flowchart, and visualized how the application was going to work.  It worked in a similar way.”

View the video here:

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  • It’s nice to see how everyone who has used gateway so far has a similar feeling of development easiness around it(including me). Hopefully with the next release and support of few important missing features in 2.0(orderby,complex types and other stuff) it would still remain simple enough.
      I got a chance to talk to Yaad Oren at Tech Ed and attended one of his POD that was immensely interesting with lots of use cases built around the solution(utilizing APIs for face detection along with voice recognition while watching tv to generate Leads). Way to go.