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Transport directory common problems

Transport directory common problems

/log/xxxxxxxx.SID</p><p>  Temporary log /tmp/xxxxxxx.SID not found</p><p>  ERROR: ‘/cofiles/xxxxxxx.SID’ : cant open</p><p>  etc+


The purpose of this blog is to show the most common causes of these problems.


The basic point is that obviously these errors are be issued when the transport directory is not available, but why? An easy check is to directly try to get into DIR_TRANS from AL11 transaction, you can come into the case that it will be no possible (without getting any error, just appears as hanged). I would strongly recommend to check  it from each application server since I came accross many cases in which the problem was only on one of them, which lead to ‘strange situations’ such as: ‘It happens randomly’ or ‘It happens only for some specifc users!’


Now, I would like to detail the most common causes of these issues: 


    DIR_TRANS configuration. As mentioned previously in this blog, is the same transport directory defined in all application servers? Is it accessible from all of them? Note 201199 deals with this point.


      Permissions of <sid>adm user over the transport directory. First point here is that its recommended that In case the transport directory is located over a network resource, you can check for networks issues from all application servers with the help from niping tool (note 500235).


        A more strange reason: Is the trans directory full? or also in other words, have you allocated enough space for the transport directory? Its a good practice to delete the old transport request files periodically. Note 556734, Point 6 provides with more information about this.



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