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SAP NetWeaver Portal: News from October 2011

It is time for our Portal news blog for the month of October. In this edition we have prepared:

  • a short summary from TechEd Bangalore
  • the announcement of the general availability of SAP NetWeaver Portal, enterprise workspaces
  • the announcement of the availability of Business Packages for SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3
  • a summary of an interesting Portal article on SAPInsider
  • ….and we would like to ask you to vote in a short poll.

Give Us your Vote for the Future Directions of The Portal

What do you expect from a future SAP NetWeaver Portal? What would be your favorite focus area – mobile enablement, social and collaboration features, an enhanced content management offering or Portal in the Cloud?
Please vote in this quick poll, it only takes 5 seconds (link to the poll). And by doing this you help us a lot to decide on the future direction of the Portal. Thank you for your contribution!

Wrap-up from TechEd Bangalore

Our colleague Thomas Hensel from the Portal Product Management team went to Bangalore and spent a very exciting and successful week in India. Here are some statements from Thomas when describing his impressions from Bangalore: “Bangalore offers really a special atmosphere with lot of people attending the conference. Sessions happened in tents. The audience is very technical oriented and participants (especially consultants, partners) are very happy with the new momentum of the portal. The participants also highly appreciated to directly talk to a PM expert from the Portal team in Walldorf. The pod hours are very crowded as they are listed in the official session schedule. Also the Portal lectures, hands-on sessions and live expert session were very well attended.”

Here you can see also a photo from one of the hands-on sessions:

We are looking forward to seeing you in Madrid!

News on SAP NetWeaver Portal, Enterprise Workspaces

We are very happy to announce that SAP NetWeaver Portal, enterprise workspaces 1.1 is now generally available as of October 18. 2011 for all customers with a valid license. Enterprise Workspaces 1.1 support enhancement package 1 and enhancement package 2 of SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.0. and also SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3.

For more information, see SAP NetWeaver Portal, enterprise workspaces.

News on SAP NetWeaver 7.3 and Business Packages

I suppose many customers and partners waited for this news. The recently released technology innovation of SAP NetWeaver 7.3 has been adopted by and released for SAP Business Suite Java applications.
Most of the existing Business Packages (Portal Content) are compatible to SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3. In this case no new Software Component Version had to be introduced. Therefore during an upgrade from previous SAP NetWeaver Portal releases, those Business Packages get only updated to the latest SP version, but no change to new Software Component Versions is required.

For more information, see Business Suite 7 and 7 Innovations 2010 hub content is enabled now for SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3.
And see alsoPredefined Portal Content Integration on “Portal Content Integration”.

Portal Article for SAPInsider: The Future of the Portal: Portal Takes on a New Life

Read this interesting article from SAP Solution Manager Ira Berk on SAPInsider. This article explores how SAP has enhanced the functionality of its own SAP NetWeaver Portal solution to help end users, developers, and administrators take advantage of the portal revolution.
Ira explains how new solutions will expand the Portal capabilities, for example SAP Portal Content Management by OpenText (a new enterprise solution that SAP and OpenText collaborate on) and also the mobile capabilities that will be added to Portal technology in the future.

For more information, read the full article (you need to register to see the complete article).

And – as usual – follow our Twitter Portal account to be always up-to-date.

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  • 2 remarks:
    1. tents ??
    2. Every participant got his own laptop? No two-people-per laptop, no need to share the computer? Finally peace at a hands-on session? (Me -> jealous)
  • The first question of the poll contains 4 alternatives that ALL have to part of the future of the portal, but I  can only select one answer (damn radio buttons!).

    Portal on Demand/Cloud really makes sense with Portal on Mobile Devices, as Enhanced CMS makes sense with Collaboration, and all 4 make sense together: collaborate in the cloud on your mobile device with your social network.