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Deadline for SCNotties Madrid 2011: October 31!

This is the very last chance to take home a 2011 SCNotties Award . If you have been thinking about submitting, this is your last weekend to do it. Dust off that camera, use your phone camera, ask your kids to help, or a guy on the bus to record you. Truth be told it only takes 30 seconds (more or less)  to introduce yourself!

You may still have questions and I think other people have pretty good answers.  Below are some frequently asked questions I have received in my inbox, so instead of responding to ALL those e-mails, I decided to post a blog. Enjoy!


Frequently Asked Questions:


Going to SAP TechED Madrid? Check out the SCNotty awards Tom Cenens’ answer may surprise you!

When did the SCNotties start and who would do such a thing? Once upon a time …there was Jim Spath.

Why do a #SCNotty? The Workflow Goddess is very convincing.

The specified item was not found.  Jim Link lives to tell his tale!

Do famous celebrities show up at the SCNotties?  Audrey Stevenson can answer that one.

Do I win a highly coveted, highly valuable prize? Spoiler alert: Yes and Yes.


Submit a SCNotty video by October 31 here!

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  • Hello Sylvia

    I hope some more community members post a #SCNotty entry because I love to see what they come up and who they are (even if it’s really over the top crazy).

    I gave my HANA testing session to my colleague so I can be present at the #SCNotty award show.

    I don’t know if it’s communicated out large yet but for those who don’t know yet. The #SCNotty award show is on Wednesday 9 November at 6PM.

    Kind regards


  • I would say the best part of Scnotty is the excitment one goes through while preparing the video.Getting award for something one enjoys doing is double BONANZA.