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Switch Withdrawal Process in New Zealand Market

Withdrawal Process in New Zealand Market

Change of Supplier (CoS) – Switch Withdrawal describes the process when the transfer of an ICP is withdrawn (the last switch request is being removed). This can be initiated by either Retailer involved. This process is also referred to as Switch Withdrawal for the NZ market.

A losing trader or gaining trader may request that a switch request be withdrawn at any time until the expiry of 2 calendar months after the event date of the switch.

Withdrawal of switching :

A switch may only be withdrawn if –

1. There has been an error in the switch process such that the switch is not giving effect to, or has not given effect to, the agreement with the consumer; or

2. The consumer, exercising a contractual or statutory right, has requested the switch to be withdrawn.

A switching withdrawal may only be initiated by –

1. In the case of a switch that is incomplete (where a new retailer has given a electricity/gas switching notice to the registry but has not received a electricity/gas transfer notice), either the responsible retailer or the new retailer; or

2. In the case where a switch has been completed, by the responsible retailer or the former responsible retailer.

3. In the case when Switch has been submitted to the market but Customer has requested for date change.

How to implement in SAP IS-U

The Switch Withdrawal process covers the Industry interactions to withdraw the switch of Electricity & Gas ICPs. Initiating Retailer could be either the gaining or losing Retailer.

The process can be initiated by New Retailer or the associated Retailer. Either party submits a withdrawal request to the Registry. The receiving Retailer acknowledges the withdrawal notice responding with either an accept/reject status. The withdrawal could be initiated during a Change of Supplier (in progress) or upon completion of a Change of Supplier. The withdrawal must relate to the last switch for the ICP.

SAP IS-U will control the Registry interactions in conjunction with SAP PI. The SAP IDEX solution will be embedded within IS-U and PI to facilitate this processing. The IDEX solution takes care of the message (flow) creation in IS-U through PI finally sending the message to Registry and vice versa.

In IS-U a Switch Document is created that will keep a record of all the industry flows plus relevant links to message data and any exceptions. The status of the Switch Document will reflect the lifecycle of the process and that will replicate to CRM (when changed). Where the process steps below mentions raising an error (exception), warning or information this means a BPEM case will be created in IS-U.

If the withdrawal is accepted or rejected then the process document will be set to complete. If accepted, any changes made in CRM & IS-U during/after the switch will need to be reversed.

The process has variations dependant on whether Retailer is initiating or associated Retailer. 

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