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Recover Default Theme for Web Dynpro Applications

Problem Description

A Web Dynpro application uses theme of the logged in portal user. And it is also possible to configure the Web Dynpro application runtime to use the defined Web Dynpro theme instead of the portal theme. The Web Dynpro application is then rendered in a different theme as the portal, but there is no dependency of the style sheets.

By logging in to NWA you can adjust the setting to prevent the Web Dynpro runtime from using the default portal theme.

NWA –>  Application Module –>

 tcwddispwda –>  WebDynpro Properties

In Property Sheet Name there is a property called Default, which needs to be changed carefully. If the values are not correct the portal might crash and none of the pages would be available.

But if the default configurations are not changed properly then none of the portal pages are accessible. There is no way you would be able to access NWA to revert back the settings. Below is a solution to get back the default settings.

h2. Solution

Every application on NetWeaver Enterprise Portal will have a war file in the system. This war file contains the entire property and system configuration applicable to the application. When a server is started these war files are deployed again. We have to take advantage of this feature to recover the setting.

The war file for “tcwddispwda” can be located in below path:\j2ee\cluster\apps\\tcwddispwda\servlet_jsp\webdynpro\resources\\tcwddispwda

The following are the steps that need to be performed.

1) Copy wd_content.war file from the above mentioned location to a different location on your system.

2) Open the war file using Winrar or WinZip. You will see the below 3 files.

    • META-INF
    • WEB-INF

3) Open the “” file. Property file contains the WebDynpro NetWeaver system configuration.

Each configuration has following three fields

    1. Default
    2. Required
    3. Valid Values

       You need to specify a value to specific configuration in the following way keeping the above points in mind.

4) Change the configuration back to default values. And then save the war file.

5) Replace the war file back to the server location (Original destination) and then restart the SAP system.

Navigate to WEB-INF\WebDynpro. This path contains all the Property file of Webdynpro.

h2. Summary

After making the changes restart the Java server. This process will load the file during system re-start and you would recover our theme.


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