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Integrating PHAP_PREPARE with Customer Specific Prepare Appraisal Docs Program

During SAP HCM performance management implementation, one report is developed to prepare appraisal documents according to customer requirements with defaulted objectives and header data. Because SAP provided 3 standard options do not suit the customer requirement and client also ask for pre-populated objectives and header data.


Provided 3 standard programs, we get after running the PHAP_PREPARE are-

  • Prepare Appraisal Docs with Wizard
  • Prepare Appraisal Docs with Organizational Units
  • Prepare Appraisal Docs with Restricted Templates (Appraiser, Appraisee)



Now, SAP has already provided the option to include customer program in this list. For that purpose BADI, HRHAP00_DOC_PREPARE (Appraisal Document – Prepare Appraisal Documents) can be used. And this BADI is filter-dependent.


3 interface methods are given in this BADI. And these are-


  • REGISTRATION(Register Reporting Function)

                   This method determines the implementation for which the add-on application is valid, such as:

                  – Personnel appraisal only (such as preparation using organizational unit)

                 –         Training appraisal only (for SAP Learning Solution only)


Also we can do filter dependent checking and register the function here.


  • GET_INFORMATION(Get Information About Reporting Function)

                 This method determines the documentation object that contains information about the reporting function


  • PERFORM_PREPARATION(Execute Reporting)

                 This method starts the function as soon as it has been selected by the user. The function could be a customer-specific report, function module, or a wizard.


SAP has already implemented, 3 implementations and these could be used as sample coding. 




One custom appraisal preparation program YHR_APPRAISAL_PREP is developed and the selection screen is –



Now implementing BADI to integrate program YHR_APPRAISAL_PREP with PHAP_PREPARE.


  1. Create implementation from SE19 with implementation name YHRHAP0_DOC_PREPARE4 (Prepare Appraisal Docs : ABC Agro) and filter YPREPAR_4.




     2. Now implement two methods with the following code.


  register = ‘X’.



                             AND RETURN .


Now activate all the methods and implementation.

      3. Check from PHAP_PREPARE. Custom program is attached here.


Click on ‘Prepare Appraisal Docs : ABC Agro’, custom program will start.

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