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During SAP HCM performance management implementation, one report is developed to prepare appraisal documents according to customer requirements with defaulted objectives and header data. Because SAP provided 3 standard options do not suit the customer requirement and client also ask for pre-populated objectives and header data.


Provided 3 standard programs, we get after running the PHAP_PREPARE are-

  • Prepare Appraisal Docs with Wizard
  • Prepare Appraisal Docs with Organizational Units
  • Prepare Appraisal Docs with Restricted Templates (Appraiser, Appraisee)



Now, SAP has already provided the option to include customer program in this list. For that purpose BADI, HRHAP00_DOC_PREPARE (Appraisal Document – Prepare Appraisal Documents) can be used. And this BADI is filter-dependent.


3 interface methods are given in this BADI. And these are-


  • REGISTRATION(Register Reporting Function)

                   This method determines the implementation for which the add-on application is valid, such as:

                  – Personnel appraisal only (such as preparation using organizational unit)

                 –         Training appraisal only (for SAP Learning Solution only)


Also we can do filter dependent checking and register the function here.


  • GET_INFORMATION(Get Information About Reporting Function)

                 This method determines the documentation object that contains information about the reporting function


  • PERFORM_PREPARATION(Execute Reporting)

                 This method starts the function as soon as it has been selected by the user. The function could be a customer-specific report, function module, or a wizard.


SAP has already implemented, 3 implementations and these could be used as sample coding. 




One custom appraisal preparation program YHR_APPRAISAL_PREP is developed and the selection screen is –



Now implementing BADI to integrate program YHR_APPRAISAL_PREP with PHAP_PREPARE.


  1. Create implementation from SE19 with implementation name YHRHAP0_DOC_PREPARE4 (Prepare Appraisal Docs : ABC Agro) and filter YPREPAR_4.




     2. Now implement two methods with the following code.


  register = ‘X’.



                             AND RETURN .


Now activate all the methods and implementation.

      3. Check from PHAP_PREPARE. Custom program is attached here.


Click on ‘Prepare Appraisal Docs : ABC Agro’, custom program will start.

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