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Innovating for a World of #7Billion: Executive Roundtable at #SAP

SAP is partnering with the UNFPA on the 7 billion actions campaign and today, October 24th, 2011, is hosting an Innovation Day. This is a unique day bringing together technology experts, designers, business experts, and non-profits at the SAP Palo Alto Labs to co-innovate and design solutions for the next billion.


I am in Palo Alto live right now, taking part in the Innovation Jam, trying to tackle the challenge of “how to help children in developing countries to get a secondary education (middle school and high school)”.


You can see the results live this afternoon at 3:30 PM PT here:


This morning, SAP hosted a keynote and roundtable, and I summarized the most interesting Tweets on the event hashtags #sap and #7billion below:


Participants were: Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin, Executive Director UNFPA; Jonathan Becher, CMO at SAP; Vishal Sikka, SAP CTO; Timothy Freundlich, President, Impact Assets; Dr. Dickon PInner, Partner, McKinsey; Dr. Kavita Ramdas, Exec Director, Ripples to Waves, Stanford.




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  • Hello Natascha

    Innovating for a world of #7Billion is really interesting, glad you are covering social media and I love the fact that there is a live video feed available.

    I do believe change is coming, no doubt it should come faster but we all know it’s not obvious to make changes happen. I hope this initiative makes people take action. It sure does make me think about things which is a first step towards taking action.

    Kind regards


    • You must have a clone as you are always everywhere and so well informed! Thanks for the positive feedback. You are truly a world citizen.
      • Hello Natascha

        I wish I had a clone since I love to learn and know as much as I can.

        It’s funny because the other day I was talking to another consultant at one of our customers and he said something like “you seem to be into a lot of things” on which my customer replied “his face keeps popping up everywhere” referring to me being active on SCN and topics related to SAP which put a big smile on my face.

        Kind regards


    • Thanks for sharing the link Jenny.  Bunker Roy’s description of the Barefoot Movement reminds me very much of some of the principles of Jane Jacobs (The Death and Life of Great American Cities).  While Jacobs speaks of Urban Slums and revitalizing the city planning in very unorthodox ways in the western world, the priniciple of learning from the “local experts” and upturning conventional knowledge and understanding around technology and conventional thinking, rings true in the context of the Barefoot Movement as well.  Helping illiterate people leapfrog the barriers of lack of literacy is such an interesting idea.  I believe we in technology have a sacred duty of creating solutions with guidance from local expertise that are designed for and by “the people” and not only “the privledged”.  Glad you surfaced this and wonder how many “design thinkers” take local expertise and talents into account when thinking of creating solutions for the 7 billion, the vast majority of whom have a “different” set of skills and approach than we in the west would imagine.  I have a dream to see mobile apps, for example, that would bypass the need for literacy, and serve buisness models fashioned for and by the people and business they are meant to serve.
      Just noticed that over a year ago IBM was exploring this idea: and I believe SAP Research is as well.  I’d love to hear more about such experiments.
  • NT (my Mentor)
    Even though I wasnt able to be there real-time or even on the livelink initally, your tweets, RTs and shout-outs made us feel like tuned in-person
    Consolidating the tweets and the various innovations  words from disparate minds is a great content broadcast filter strategy..keep up the spirit and do have a sequel to this on the kind of specific feedback that came into #SAPs queue from the discussion table..cheers Tridip