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TechEd Bangalore Day 3

Day 3 – Final Day for this year’s TechEd at Bangalore. Today is pretty much Lecture and Hands-On sessions only.

EIM 265 : Data Provisioning in HANA

Much better than yesterday’s registered Hands-On session on Advanced Data Modelling in HANA, managed to complete excercises barring some hiccups which was actually good learning. Also took time out to go over yesterday’s Advanced Data Modeling procedures that I could not complete. Shoutout to both instructors B Sarma Sista and Praneeth Chennuru for making the Hands-on successful in contrast to yesterday’s, explaining and walking through the exercises patiently.

Next I ventured into lecture session TEC 104 : Integrating HANA Into System Landscape by Sudipto Dasgupta who is @buddydip’s classmate and Arvind Devalla whom I met during InnoJam. This session was a good mix of HANA technical overview inlcuding related topics like sizing, OS and other software version requirement.

Over lunch time we Mentors gave feedback about TechEd to the Content Managers Bernhard and Christina. The thumbs down on HANA Hands On, non availability of session pdfs in TechEd Agenda website (PS: these were available after TechEd ended), practically no session in On Premise Business Applications (apart from couple of related technical ones). The thumbs up were content and sessions almost similar at TechEd Las Vegas, Pods were good way to interact informally and closely. Specific mention about Product Roadmaps and positive feedback about Pods with NetWeaver focus made.

Thereafter a quick lunch where I met with Prateek Srivastava who was interviewed with myself about SCN Moderation / Contribution last year in TechEd Live TV by Marilyn Pratt. We discussed a bit of how Jive upgrade is expected to improve SCN experience. Have to admit food this year was pretty good unlike past couple of years and did not run out even with this massive crowd. Another plus this year was adequate parking arrangement with proper lighting done. Hats Off to the Logistics Team – need to send a note to Phillipe Rosette’s team.

Post lunch to stop snoozing I went in two back-to-back Hands On Sessions. MOB 264 : Building and Customising Mobile Application without Writing Code sounded very promising but it did not go well with me. It gave chance to comprehend SUP and mobile apps platform  (say Blackberry) specific fundamentals. Could not finish the excercises  because of time constraint and also because the mode of delivery in form of 3 small  videos. At least I have better comprehension of the SUP and Mobile architecture and how the data flows from ECC to SUP via Gateway. But to me developing / understanding code is better usage of time than this graphic-based application development where code gets generated in backend.

The final hands-on CD263 : Develop and Consume OData services Using Netweaver Gateway  where I could explore Gateway and OData as well as an MS Visual Studio mobile application with the classic SFLIGHT example. This session was interesting and quite good in terms of comprehension and timing wise. Gave an insight to how Gateway exposes SAP functionality for consumption by lighweight especially Mobile applications following OData standard.

Finally sessions were done and soon realised I missed bidding my fellow Mentors Good Bye and with that TechEd Bangalore 2011. These blogs were more of a daily journal but the sheer amount of information that got bombarded in this week is tremendous. I need to digest, do some research on SDN and then plan to share learnings in form of a blog post (or short series). So keep tuned to Decompression blog from TechEd Bangalore experience hopefully very soon.

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  • Somnath – it was again a pleasure seeing and working with you. The input you and Abesh provided for the Bollywood SCNotties awards will be difficult to top for next time; I have already received a lot of positive feedback from the cinema references. We should expand our quick chat after the HANA hands-on sessions into a podcast, after I roam the India country-side for the next week. I really appreciate your hospitality, and thank your supporting cast for their craftwork.
    • You may not understand the dialogue (perhaps Abesh can do translation and give the context) but the following two clips are from movie “3 Idiots” from which two protagonists for Courage and Bravery awards were named. =>  Student giving speech is Chatur Ramalingam and the Prof is Viru Sahastrabuddhe => Official Trailer
      Enjoy your North India visit this week – lookout for Festival of Lights – Diwali.

      • Somnath,
        At times Ignorance is Bliss.
        I have been busy thinking how am I ‘Viru Sahastra Buddhe’.But to be on an honest note,I loved this chirpy idea which made everyone smile.Thanks.