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Signature blog on SAP TechEd 2011 Bangalore

Wow ! What an event. 10,700 registrations!! undoubtedly the largest technology event in India.

Being a trainer, it’s my characteristic to simplify SAP such that it is understood by large audience and that’s why I call this as my signature blog.

The focus for SAP at the 2011 Bangalore TechEd is the HANA, in-memory computing. I don’t understand much of the technical details of how they make it possible but I can understand that it will make computing very fast or let me say super – duper fast. Specifically, your time consuming reports can now run in seconds. The member of the Executive Board of SAP AG Vishal Sikka was impressive with his simple speech devoid of technological jargons and filled with real time demonstrations. If anyone wants to have a benchmark on how fast is HANA, the striking example provided by Vishal Sikka is of a super market chain which had to wait for 15 hours for computing the loyalty points earned by their customers every month could do the same computing in 2 seconds ! ! !. I can just imagine what impact this will have on businesses. This has the potential to change the way business are done today.

Not to forget the technology comes at a price. I understand the hardware that supports HANA is currently offered by HP and IBM. That’s the focus for SAP. My focus in the TechEd is BPM. The abbreviation I have seen is used for both Business Process Modeling and Business Process Management. SAP has partnered with IDS Scheer for the BPM – M here is for Modeling J with their ARIS platform where the business process can be modeled and this model can be uploaded in the Blueprinting tool for the SAP Solution Manager 7.1[Yes, Solution Manager 7.1 is the latest release]. Here comes the most amazing part of it, the SAP Netweaver BPM – M here is for Management J can directly adopt this BPM for development. The developer can import the ARIS BPM from blueprint tool in solution manager to Netweaver BPM (exactly the same flow will be replicated in Netweaver BPM). This import can be assigned to a project and the developer can start working on it. The impact -> Yes you guessed it right, there is no development that does not have a blueprint reference and that the delta between blueprint and development goes away. The BPM with M as in Modeling upload to Blueprint tool in Solution Manager 7.1 is not limited to ARIS only. A limitation is it works in the SAP landscape. The BPM as in Management does not work in the non-SAP environment.

Overall with this TechEd SAP endorsed its brand leadership as a compelling business solutions software, exploring all conventional and non-conventional methods for business enablement and Business – It collaboration. It’s amazing how SAP manages to develop such matured solutions for business and IT in various disciplines and all at the same time. The TechEd 2011 Bangalore demonstrated the majestic powers of SAP. 

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