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SAP Procurement goes mobile: What’s in it for you? Part2 – SAP SRM Shopping Cart Approval

Hope all of you had a great time tuning into our first SAP Procurement goes mobile: what’s in it for you: Part 1, as we had promised, each of the sequels would address the use cases that are made available to the customer base. Am sure the folks that have read the blog have reached out to Ramin Bagheri -Solution Owner- SAP Procurement Solutions for On-Device Solutions for Procurement. with your suggestions and feedback for follow-on of the ASUG webcast on SAP Procurement mobility.

As we had mentioned earlier, the biggest business process in the Supplier Relationship Management, happens to be the Shopping Cart Approval process.

1.0 Why? Lets face it: Managers really don’t have the time, at-least that’s what they show to the Rest of the World (unquote from Dilbert)

I had to remove the graphic, but this is hillarious and sarcastic at the same time that depicts the long standing lead-times and cumbersome processes that surround Shopping Cart Approvals defeating the purpose of the Shopping Request

Check this link for more

This is the process that is done maximum in an enterprise when the term “Buy products or services come into the picture” and is a key element for “Decentralized Procurement” in the SAP SRM Operational Procurement process map.

2.0 Legacy

Gone are those days, when a paper requisition used to travel to multiple desks seeking approval and with semi-automation and other features.

Gone are the long cycle times from cart creation to goods receipt

The bridge that took long to cross:  The Approval process: has been cut-short using technology empowerment. 

3.0 How has the Shopping Cart approval process moved up the technology ladder

1)      Shopping Cart created and goes through SAP Business workflow (1 Step, 2 Step, nStep) – SAP SRM 5.0 and below

2)      Shopping Cart created and goes through SAP Business Rule Framework – SAP SRM 7.0 and >

3)      Shopping Cart created and goes through SAP Mobile Workflow (new App now available on the App Store) Note: Please state that the required release is SRM 7.0 SP02

4.0 What is the Business Process in SAP SRM Operational procurement that’s been addressed mint-fresh

There are more such amazing use cases that are going mobile shortly, watch the SAP Procurement Mobility space for more

5.0 Statistics

Use Case Delivered in Oct 2011 (Live and Running on the iTunes and app store)

6.0 What are the Functionalities that have been leveraged on the SRM Shopping cart approval on the Mobile platform

 Workflow decision buttons made available to the user for approval

 Enables processing of any decision based workflow items supported

 Two Taps and your shopping cart is approved! It’s that simple


7.0 What are the Business benefits that customers get for on-boarding SRM Shopping cart approval on the Mobile platform

 Access to approve workflow items while away from the desktop

 Helps increase operational efficiency by providing up to the minute notifications on required approval decisions

 Native device (Blackberry, iPhone, iPad) experience

 No new training/learning needed. Intuitive to use

 Speeds decision-making and responsiveness on alerts, notifications


8.0 Now lets see, how this wonderful game-changing app in action on the iPhone


9.0 Also wanted to give you a cluster into our feed for recent tweets highlighting the launch of the SAP SRM Shopping Cart approval work-flow, screenshots of the app etc below


10.0 Downloading the iPhone App from the Apple app store

Go to the App Store on the iPhone or iPad and put the search term SAP AG, you might not see the app on the first page, in the bottom of the page click “Load 11 more”, you would then see the app “SAP Cart Approval”, if you are searching on iTunes, the link is

11.0 Follow-up

Ramin had also sent the survey document to all the folks that attended the #ASUG webcast, for more follow-up information on your thoughts and impressions and what more to expect, you can contact

12.0 SAP Procurement : The Social Outreach

And as always, here’s leaving you on a sign-off note to be tuned in Socially into our SAP Procurement timeline

Please follow @SAP_Procurement on twitter for the latest trends from the SAP Procurement portfolio of solutions, you can also follow my handle @tridipchakra for a dope of procurement xChanges in the SAP world (articles, blogs, whitepapers)

Focused hash-tags for SAP Procurement: #SAPSRM #SAPSourcing #SAPCLM #procurement #SAPSLM and there will be more in the making.

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  • Tridip –

    Once again a great job not only matching the stakeholder alignment and process but also to the evolving app set and use cases.

    Clapping at my desk.  Enjoy the Friday!


    • Hi Will,
      Thanks for the feedback and the words and am sure that you’ve tuned into the sequel after landing on the earlier post, I am looking forward to your thoughts on how this would compliment the Sustainability initiative and help reduce Procurement Carbon footprint significantly

      Stay tuned for part 3 : the upcoming use case
      Cheers Tridip

    • thanks Vikram, yes the sequels will get more intense, so keep those antennas tuned in
      Cheers and also share your expectations, if anything stands out specific for u
      Cheers, Tridip
  • Hi Tridip,

    could you please also explain what is required to actually get it to run?
    SAP SRM 7.0 SP2
    Gateway ?
    SUP ?
    VPN ?
    The screen shots are very limited. The approval scenario starts with a notification. Do you use APN? How is this integrated into the process? Honestly, I’d expect a little more from an SAP app. It’s much easier to access my notification mail on my iPhone and press the ‘Approve’ button. Why should a company go through the trouble and roll-out this app?

    regards, Ulli

    • Hi Ulli,
      Sorry for a delayed response, please note that you need SUP, Gateway for sure, for the other technical details you can get in touch with

      the business benefit of using this v/s approving an offline e-mail would be ability to dig in a WYSIWYG way into the Shopping cart application, have a tethered view of the cart overview and have a rich user experience, also the notifications and alerts would mimic your typical alerts on the BB or the iPhone, i think you should try it once to actually feel the effect of the App

  • Hi Tridip,

    very good blog as usual and thanks for showing my tweets 🙂

    I wonder if I’m the only person who has problems with the quality of your screenshots. Actually, I cannot read the content, because they are blurred (as I mentioned for your previous blog via Twitter).

    Furthermore you need to mention that this is not a native iPad app, so I think that’s a real downside and I cannot understand why SAP only supports iPhone natively. The No.1 iOS toy is the iPad IMHO.

    Regarding the required infrastructure, I thought that SUP 2.1 and NetWeaver Gateway are required, because that’s what they said on the webcast two weeks ago, but in the app description nothing is mentioned. Have you already tested this app?

    I’m looking forward to your next blog.