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Global stuff – Nils Buerckel

After a pretty late night at the “Design Thinking” event after a full conference day, and then sitting around for a while with the SCN crew, and others, I was not moving rapidly this morning.  The weather seemed warmer in the morning than the last couple days, so by the time I got to the first session I had planned to attend, I was thankful for the air conditioning.  Though I only made it to the first session for the last few slides, I have known the speaker (Nils Buerckel) for many years through my Unicode project experience.  In fact, I had referred a question to him the day before.  We chatted after his session, and in to the hallway.  If you have a globalization question, his team is the one to answer it.  I’d list their email address, but it may be against the SCN rules.  

SCNotties (continued)

Done with that, I wandered back to the SCN demo pod, presented Shiv with his SCNotties award, and was able to drop off the remaining 3 awards that need to be given to others in India.   We chatted about the movie triva clues in the SCNotties awards Hindi categories.  His is The Sunil Shetty Award.

  With the variety of cultural references dropped before, during and after the Bangalore/Bollywood SCNotties awards, I am going to be adding a bunch more flicks to my Netflix queue (if I can find them!)

Hands On Session

My second hands on session was on Solution Manager 7.1, and seemed to be focused on the new landscape management database.  For those with little background in the subject, it’s necessary to store configuration of system definitions somewhere.  It’s not exactly a configuration management database (CMDB) as that would imply more structure and organization than I’m seeing with this.

As in the prior hands-on session, there was way too much chatter, and way too little time to get through the exercises. And there was not enough help given the number of students and workstations, so once an example failed to work (or we just didn’t understand the directions), the rest of the class went on at ever-increasing speed.

I don’t deal with the SLD (system landscape database) much, but now there’s a landscape management database (LMDB) to go alongside it.  The theory, I guess, is that this is an improvement for reliability, scalability, redundancy, or something, though that wasn’t explained well.  It also seems that this would replace SLD, but probably won’t until every system in any landscape is compatible with it.  And if one inherits a “legacy” system after being freed from the double maintenance that seems required, you’d probably need to go back to the old way.

Inside the SAP Mentor / Studio

Marilyn Pratt, myself and Pratik Talwar were interviewed by Aslann Noghre Kar in the afternoon, live on SAP TV.  Though Aslann is a very laid back guy, the lights and the cameras, as well as the buzz of the crowd on every side can make this kind of chat more unsettling than a single camera or microphone would be.  Thankfully no one asked me to put on make up, and the hair check involved a glance in the iPad front view camera.

The local tech crew was fascinated by the iPad, in fact, and when I thought back, I recalled seeing very few in use other than from non-local travelers like myself.  Mobile phones with SMS seem to be the common denominator here, at least in the sample of session attendees that I observed.  I was asked if I carried a laptop when I went into two out of all the rooms I entered (I waved it off).

(Note to self: file for CAPs points for the TV spot)


Last Minute Rants and Raves

  2. Infinite Turtles
  3. Tell a joke: “What’s brown and sticky?”














Mohamed Ibrahim






Field Kitchen



Prateek Raj Srivastava

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    It must be an extensive and exhaustive day for you.
    Thanks for finding time to write this and upload the video! It was short and efficient meeting in my perspective. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Enjoy Bangalore and India.
    Best regards,
    Prateek Raj Srivastava

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