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TechEd Bangalore Day 2

Day 2 started early with EIM 360 : Advanced Data Modeling in HANA which did not go to my expectation with first 50 mins going in presentation. Then we were chided like schoolboys to finish 8 exercises “quick quick” when there were some technical hurdles anyway. Finally all but one instructor were available and we got wrapped up with still 15 minutes to closure. HANA is new and one cannot expect people to do things at HANA speed too. Later on discussion with Jim Spath resonated similar experience he had sitting at EIM 162 : Basic Data Modeling in HANA.

MOB 230 : Developing Simple mobile Apps Using OData – lecture hall was full and it was worth getting a quick but good overview of SUP 2.1, Gateway and OData integrated to deliver Mobile Apps consuming Business Suite data. Those who want more of it check out this blog annoucing free Hands-On Workshops on SAP NetWeaver Gateway in early December.

BI 207 : Business Suite Operational Analytics integrating In-Memory Technology – My gut feel one of the hidden gems this TechEd under HANA and Mobile infomercials. Operational Data Provider is something Enterprise users will surely find immediate usage in their landscape once it is available in Net Weaver 7.03 next month.

TEC-P04 : SAP Netweaver for SAP Business Suite – main takeout was one slide showing clear path of Netweaver 7.0x and 7.x the Java and ABAP Stack. But why downport one codebase to merge and get to Dual Stack in 7.31 (roadmap outlook) only to split it going forward.

We Mentors then had a chat with Chip Rodgers and Jeanne Carboni where we touched on the upcoming SCN platform transformation coming up soon. There was feedback shared about sessions, Demo Jam, Inno Jam and as usual Chip was very open to hear it all and connect with right people as required.

SCNotties Award presented by Jim before Design Thinking Workshop which saw 35+ men and women intensly putting their collective thought not in IT but in coming up with some practical life problems faced mostly by women. Need to check out UN’s that Jeanne mentioned in her opening address.

Day 2 comes to a close with last day tomorrow. As usual good things fly by.


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