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There’s a special scenario of taxes in Brazil called IPI PAUTA. In this scenario, from the Fiscal point of view, the materials should not have the rate declared in the file for SPED PIS/COFINS.

IPI PAUTA is a native configuration of TAXBRA so, the Fiscal scenario exists in SAP. The problem lies in the PIS/COFINS file extraction.

Clients from the Beverages and Tobacco market have almost 90% of their product line contained in the IPI PAUTA situation.

The fields for Base Amount and Rate of PIS and COFINS are populated in the moment of the BADI method (register C170), and they shouldn’t. I have raised a call at SAP who promptly answered and mentioned that such scenario (IPI PAUTA à PIS/COFINS) is still not covered. Mostly because this scenario is also under a maturing process by the Government.

So, unless you can map where in FI or MM customizing that could be the reason, the solution I used (also said to be OK by SAP) is to clear the fields for Base and Rate, whenever the law was “C03” or “P03”,  in the BAdI method. The validation program from RFB approves it. If you don’t clear, it shows the field as a structural error and tells you to correct.

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