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India 20-Oct-2011 : SCNotties Awards, TechEd sessions and much more

Breaking my usual obsessive chronological ordering of event blogs, I’m starting with the penultimate event of this evening (Design Thinking event is ongoing, but I’m on deadline). First, the winnners of the SCNotties 2011 Bollywood awards.  We used this blog, in draft form, to announce the winners to the audience in India, then I reformatted it compactly.  Links to the 10 winning videos are below.

Abesh Bhattacharjee and Somnath Manna jumped in at nearly the last minute to come up with appropriate categories for the winners with local cultural references.  I am not going to explain any of them here.  If you get the jokes, that’s great. If not, someone will explain it to you.  The complete entries are on the wiki page “30 seconds of recognition – 2011 Bollywood Edition“.


Without further ado, the winners are…


SCNotties Awards!


Hollywood Category Bollywood Category Winner #
Best musical performance The Himesh Reshammiya Award Harshit Kumar 8
Most authentic / traditional costume The Bipasha Basu Award Kavitha Natraj  4
Shortest video The Jodha Akbar Award Nitin P  6
Creative product placement The Fair and Lovely Award Anup Dattaraj Desai  5
Ringer award The Lagaan Award Sue Keohan  1
Most children in a video The Satte pe Satta Award Somnath Manna  3
Technical achievement award in cinematography The Raja Harishchandra Award Jothi (YJV)  7
Special achievement award The Sunil Shetty Award Shivakumar V  2
Bravery (first in line) The Chatur Ramalingam Award Hussain Sehorewala  10
Courage (second in line) The Viru Sahastrabuddhe Award Kumud Singh  9



The last award is for the second entrant (not including Abesh or myself).  Many of you may have seen this video.  If not, it should explain what being second implies for leadership qualities.



1 2
3 4
5 6
7 8
9 10



TechEd Regular Programming


I’m just going to leave the notes made during each session unformatted.  They may not mean anything in 6 months, but should remind me what I thought interesting then.  I have screen shots, audience shots, and more (at the end).


Before the conference day started:

20 minute brisk walk, a little late but room had 4 attendees and 4 people at the podium with nothing on the screen. Wireless was super-speedy.


SCI 101

  SAP notes 1532674 1563579 1568545 quick link ~sltoolset  LMAuto.bat  Network dropped out, switched to slides and local program.  Configuration check gives feedback on security settings. Abap not connecting, switched to java Could not connect to system sap: j2ee server LM Automation toolVani Rao S –   Wiki quote  “Downloads  You can download the LMAutomation Security templates from Service market place …/swdc  under Support Packages >> SL TOOLSET >>  LM Auto Standalone (LMAUTOSTD”   



SCI 202

inject dynamic abap Escalate privileges  “user menu for bad guy”  Inject dynamic ABAP to scan for passwords Escalate privileges for a normal user  Flaws in z_alert_logic “Powned”



ALM 200

Supports non sap systems  User interface for non sap users Role specific new user interface 2 operation experts required per shift …? Monitoring for BW, pi,  SDA with integrated ibis content …? Upgrade to crm 7.01 and webas abap+java integrated New “it service management user interface” must be used for docs after go live 7 step upgrade Lmdb in 7.1 Cim model – …? Wiki page solution manager setup -link?  (it is too bad the speaker’s voice reminds me a bit of Andy Kaufman)  Sol doc Based on bpmn Rcp client …? Business blueprint Bus process doc degrades (duh) Rpd – reverse process documentation “powered by ibis” Functionality provided by soldoca from sap E2e test management Options for other interfaces besides sap test automation framework,  hp quality center, and new 3rd party  Test test test (link to unbreakable, timeless, etc.)  Change management (…) Access to BC-sets … Based on crm web client ui framework  “run sap like a factory” – wha? Same old stuff with new words.  “why a new infrastructure?” Sys mon user interface overview  End user experience monitoring PC daemon?



ALM 201

Agents and plugins One diag agent per virtual host Ome sap host agent per physical host Repositories – solar directory, smsy, lmdb Work center, engines, repositories, data stores (BW, wily ) 7.1 sp1 (ramp up version) technical systems source in lmdb 



CD 202

HTML 5 Guy with shaky knee behind me, making the plywood thump with a migraine intensity. Don’t know “stop it” in Hindi  Browser support – ie9, firefox x? 10 or so customers in beta Not permitted to share.  /mentor opportunity?/ Support – depends Sdk? Yes, ambitious plans


















Jinesh Shah – 30 second video that rambled over a minute (“cut”)



Vijay Dudla – SCN moderator



Rettna Kumar



Archana Sahay

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  • Bangalore will never be the same after the SCNOtties!  Congrats to all the winners!  Loving the pictures, they each say so much.  Thanks for keeping everyone posted Jim.  I know it’s not easy in the middle of TechEd. Keep it up! 
  • A Biggggg thanks to Jim for organising the event and presenting such a sweet award! It was sooo SCNottietious

    Its a pleasure meeting you Jim.