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Transport Request Cross Reference Tool

Overview of transport requests across multiple systems

If you ever have been looking for a handy tool that helps you not  getting lost in the flood of transport requests? This program shows

  • which requests were transported to which systems
  • which requests are missing on certain systems
  • whether they contain (generic) keys or method execution (XPRA)
  • whether they are client dependent
  • which objects they contain -> in an object list spanning multiple requests

Results are presented in an ALV grid, or as a classic list. Exporting  data to spreadsheets is a breeze; sorting, filtering etc. are supported  as well. Long live ALV! The program works regardless of whether import tracking has  been properly configured in CTS.

Practical extras: Cross-system version comparison for all objects  contained by one request. Single import of requests is supported using  TMS services, eliminating the need to change to transaction STMS.

Cross-system version comparison

Maybe you have some larger portion of development (especially coding) in one specific transport request. There is a little known utility report RSVCAD11 (at least it is in ECC 6.0) in the Correction and Transport System that does a version comparison over an RFC destination for all versioned objects contained in the object list of the respective request. This is very handy, if you need to do a quick check to be sure that you do not mess up versions in your target system. Note: Not all objects are versioned, so the comparison tool just prints out a warning for these.

Download Z_CTS_CROSS_REF as SAPLINK nugget…


At one glance

Check results, dates, and attributes of transports and their export / import steps.

Transport Request Cross System Tabular Overview

Quickly check object lists spanning multiple requests

…you might even enhance the program by a table-controlled /  configurable check of object lists for “dangerous” objects, and earn  undying fame :-)

Cross system version comparison on a transport request basis

…specify destination to check versions against…

…specify transport request (pre-filled)…

…find out what you will be going to mess up by importing this transport request! (Red lines indicate: “Object not found in target system”, yellow lines “non-versioned / not comparable object”).

Start cross-system version comparison

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    • Chris,

      this seems to be some ZSAPLINK related problem. In my program there is no such declaration as LT_GENTAB. If necessary, I could provide the program as a plain text file, but this would require you to create the GUI-status, and texts, manually. So I opted for ZSAPLINK.

      Best Regards

      • Program as plain text along with some hints for manually implementing it in your system can now be found under the URL mentioned at the top of this blog.

        Best Regards