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SAP Mentor Outreach is now available on JQuery Mobile

Many of you already know the application Proudly Presenting the SAP Mentors Outreach Mobile App for Android – Connect with SAP Mentors at SAPphireNOW/ASUG Orlando published by Thorsten Franzabout 6 months ago. This application is designed basically to “help SAP Community to connect o SAP Mentors” as Thorsten wrote. Recently Bjoern Weigand and John Moypublished the SAPMentors Outreach iOS Appporting for iPhone and iPad.

What is still missing? An application that would be useful for all the other mobile devices; few weeks ago I decided to think about a porting of this application in JQuery Mobile and today I’m proud to present SAP Mentor Outreach cross mobile version. I’m just a bit in late for TechEd Bangalore but on time for TechEd Madrid.

Check it out at


Scroll Mentors’ list



Search for Mentors



See Mentors’ profile


Check on JQuery Mobile home page if your device is compatible and it is included into A-Grade list.

Some enahncements are scheduled in the next weeks (it depends on my free time 🙂 ) anyway suggestions are welcome.


Add it as a bookmark on your home page and a funny yellow lemon will light your smartphone 🙂


Example on iPhone

Thanks a lot to John Moy and Thorsten Franz.

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